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President Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Hall at 7 :30 P.M. with all MembGrs present. <br />Viinutes of the September 10th meeting read and approved. <br />President Strong reported on the Commititke aith Attorney KZngsley and h7r.Thorpe.A~ he vas on the way to meet Mr. Kingsleg he stopped in the Thorpe Office to see if Vr. . Thorpe vias in,&.Thorpe insisted <br />Eent over the matter of lot I7 for 49th Street.The vacation <br />of 3ridge Street East of Arden Ave.was suggested for lot 17, <br />Wr.Strong told him he would have to refer it to the Council <br />The Council looked it ovez. and thought it unrrise to vacate <br />Bridge Street at thst point as the street would probebly be <br />opened to France Ave some dayJ and that vie had better make <br />Trustee 3iIlson reported that Baird 54th Street had <br />been graveled. <br />A, joint petition of the Village of Edina Se Test rGinneapolis (Hopkins) for a street car stop and crossing at Monroe Aye. <br />or Edina's 4th Ave.aras presented,and the folloving resolution <br />Resolved by the Village Council of Edina,that the public <br />necessity conve 'enqe SC vrelfare+requires that the cars of the Ylnneapolls. &:&%.@ban hailFay Co. stop at Nonroe Ave. for the taking on and discharghg passengers ,and that a grade crossing <br />be established thereat. Ee it also Resolved that this resolution be referred to <br />the Railroad and 'Yarehouse Commission of the State of Xinnesota <br />for investigation and approval of the establishment of a grade crossing at Yonroe Ave.and that the cars of the I'fiinneapolis 3c Saint Paul Suburban Railway Co. stop thereat for the taking on and discharging passengers. Trustee Prescott offered the foregoing resolution seconded by <br />Trustee Knudsen,upon vote it was carried unanimously and signed <br />by each member of the Council. <br />on his coming in,so they <br />some other arrangements for lot 17, 9 <br />- as prepared by Attorney Hosp was also presented. <br />The Clerk reported having seen a man wiring the nei*i Highmay <br />at Best 44th Street,v!ho said they had an order to turn on the <br />light,vhich was found not to be true, also repwted there were <br />two 200 matt lights on the bridge9 The Clerk was instructed to <br />further inve s ti ga t e . <br />The Corcmittee vho investigatd the snow plot7 reported having <br />best suited to needs..EherefWe for reasons afore stated be it <br />Resolved that we purchase the 17ausau Plow at $770.00 F.O,B. <br />tractor Village of Edina,and the President authorized to sign the contract., <br />Trustee Knudsen moved the adoption and Trusteed 9illFon seconded the foregoing resoliition.mot;Ton carried with 4 eyes and no nays. <br />'.'/hereas a petition signed .by all the propepty orrr,e?s on the Test <br />side of Aurora Ave.from the HighPiay bridge Horth to the Village <br />limits for a sidewalk Gfeet in width With the trees left in tact have petitioned the Village Council to ord6r a sidewalk on a f3re <br />said street,end waver the notice to peoperty owners s0.a~ to save! time on account of the latness of the- season,and requesked the a <br />doptfon of the necessary resolution to give effect there to according to law. of the Village of Edina,that a sidevraLk 6 feet in width and <br />lsiith the conditions of the petition,be and the same is hereby' <br />ordered to be constructed OG, said Aurora live .according to plans <br />and specifications now on file the Recorder's officetSaid con- <br />structed to be completed by Octobqr 15th I927.and Be It Furthered <br />Resolved,that the Clerk is hereby Instructed to spread the <br />assessments in three annual installments .Moved by Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee Willson the resolution be adopted, <br />motion carried by 4 ayes and no nays,and it was so ordered. <br />\ 19okeb over several makes and decided the Xausavru plom wag the <br />Therefore be it Resolved by the Village Council. <br />I