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254 \ <br />- President ScR,Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Hall. at 2: P.I!iLE,, All Members present . <br />Minutes of the special meeting of October I5,and the regular meet- <br />ing October 8 ,were* read and approved. <br />The Clerk havJng been asked to confer with the people on Halifax <br /> to the finnishhg up of their street in the spring as it . would leave the street in such bad shape for spring driving If <br />done this fal1,reported that they Seemed to favor the idea. The Clerk also reported that the Highway bridge over Vest 44th <br />Street was ready for lighting with two 200 watt lights installed. <br />After discussfon the Clerk was instructed to order in one IO0 watt <br />light on the Hest side only,at 27.50 per year,and have the bulb changed from 200 watt to IO0 matt,and have the East light on the <br />bridge cut out 86 there being no sidewalk or houses on the gast <br />side of Aurora Ave. <br />0 <br />A letter was read from N,P,Dodge Coooffering to give the Village <br />Lot 22,adjoining those purchased for gravel.for graveling the balance of Wooddale 62nd and 59th Street across the dddf- <br />tion East et West,after d%.scussing the\e"libsrality in the opening of Yooddale it mas thought just if they would allow the Village to <br />take the gravel dow to grade on Lot 22.rather than aCCepthg'th8 <br />lot,and on motion by Trustee Knudeen seconded by Trustee Fillson <br />the Clerk was instructed to preparb an agreement to that effect. <br />hlr. W,S,Heydt and others mere present asking foc work on Kest 48th <br />Street from the Trunk Highway #5,\7est to the Ninneapolis ,North- <br />field & Southern Ryo on mot2on it *was referred to the Road Committee. <br />On motion by Trustee Prescott seconded by Tpustee Tlillson the Clerk I <br />have the Village Engineer fihnish setting the grade stakes on Test <br />49th Street to Arden the Country Club that leveling <br />the hills with the steam shovel they would not get the street to low, <br />also set a grade on the @avel-lots in Fairfax Add. <br />The deed, to lots 19-20 & 21 Fairfax were presented and accepted and <br />the Clerk instructed to have it recorded. <br />Roved by Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee Knudsen that the Clerk <br />be instructed to try to secure the wall maps and other thing belong- <br />Ing to the Village from John 3,Shaffer and if necessary to call on <br />the Village Attorney for help,carried. <br />It was moved by Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee !'Xllson that we offer Mr.Thcrrpe a reasonable price for lot I? Block I1,Faimay <br />Section for 49th Street and if he refused ne would start comdemn- <br />ation proceedings ,carried. <br />It was moved by Trustee Knudsen seconded by Trustee ?!'illson thak <br />the Harriet State Bank garnishee on Sam Robarts thru Attys.Fowler, <br />Furber,Carlson &c Johnson court order for $70.90 be alloved,carried. <br />The regisnation of Fred K,?lillson as Justice of the peace was read and after dfscussion it vas accepted. <br />A resolution defining what roads should be assessed was taken up <br />and layed over till next meeting. <br />It mas decided to purchase 2000 feet of snow fence and posAs,and on motion of Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee TJIllson,lrustee <br />Iinudsen was authorized to purchase the fence Se posts. <br />The time to audited the books of the Clerk and Treasurer was set <br />for the evening of November ISth,at the home of President Strong.