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1263 <br />On being called to order by the President, the following officem <br />reapondad to roll call * "( <br />Presiden'b D, F,fJcGuixe Trustees George A. 7Jillson <br />Treasurer 5. J, ,LNggan Recorder Ben B. ILoore <br />J. E. Refmann c, F. PrcBcott <br />I:Tinutccs of last meeting were read and approved as correctedo <br />LIE A. R, E1;oom, representing the Yew Charter Commission, was in attmdance and advised the Commission Fad concluded its find- ings and presen'ced to President NcGuire, the proposed ckAarter. On iaoticrn Prcscott, s-ecpnd Reimann, charter be accepted carried, <br />12 ETQOT~?, further advised the week of April 20th. a3 a t-ime to <br />hold tkc election, t7as thought best by a nunber crf. Comiisaion <br />Lhy: J. Ue YotrnE;, of The Young %e& Company, asked permiasion to <br />addrcna the council and .stated his- fim desired to erect a fuel <br />ym& on t%nncapolis, Horthf ield B Southem Rye I property, #*along <br />L?ae rir~;hilf af vmy at 50th street, Ee asked if Council vouLd ob3cct to ez-ectian of modern concrete storage bins on lots 11-12 13.22 2.4 sfad submitted Blue Prints of sane. 6. - *. <br />*Yr Gp "if, Sacks, also appeared and presented a yetition signed by <br />sone I5 rezidenta onning land adjacent to above pzoposed yard <br />and nl~J~c%in~ to Council issuing such a permit or granting such <br />an amlicntian. After considerable di~c?i*:~ion it vim ar- ranr;ed .t-.kat; JTr Young and Kr Sacks, set it date for a future meet- <br />in3 at vkdc,b menbers? of tke Council. and others interested .in the <br />px?oponi%ioa could a-kktend, <br />Road bills ~EI follans on icing checked and audited and found to <br />Pe correct oti r~ti~n Trustee WiLlson, second Reimann, be paid, <br />C3,,FT2 ed