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Tke meting vas called to order by the President, and: on roll <br />cab1 ah1 meubers vere found to be presentr <br />.Xinutes of last three meeting were read and approved as road <br />Ur 17,L,Clark, appeared before the Council and colslphrtined of2 a <br />hog feeding ranch being maintained on o3.d Vhnd fam, as causfng <br />very bad oders and also polhting lake boarderfng both proper- ties, and ao a result tiis pb~ce couhdi not be used occupied <br />TUB matter Ma8 sefered to Eealtk Committee of tke C0uncS1~ <br />Xr BeydL and Er Gardncnt requested grade stake8 be laat on Veet <br />48the Street, Josephine Avenue and Zilb Pond Place. The <br />Village Engineer being preaent van BO ordered. <br />Hr Bjorlc, presented a petition with 8 signers, requesting road between? 58th St, and 60th St be opened, <br />Road and Bridge Comaittee of the Councff, <br />A petition vas presented by Kx. A, A. Buck, Gith 86 signers <br />pepresenting 193 street car riders, requesting that the Council @ant permissfan to The EinneapolirJ Street Raflway Cmpany, to operate a Street Car line on France Avenue South 'betneen \%st 44th Street and Vest 54th Street, and fustber tka.1; the Village Council of the VillRge 5f Edinlz, pas@ a proper resolution nkiich shall op'erate as a frwch%ae to the Street - <br />Railnay Company, for tke use of said Avenue as a Right of Vay, On motion PreacoQt, seconded by Villaon, be referred to Village Attomey with instructiqna to dran proper franchise, good for not more tkmn tventy five (25) yo&m, rrhich akxd.2. Elaao stiBulate <br />service Street Car Company must render and the graneing of tlnjis francMae being nho12.y conditimed upon Street Car Company, opet2sUng Street Cars and giving Public aervics not hater than. <br />1929, carried unminously. <br />Refwed to <br />A petition s'igned by Xr Rickel and 9 others, y~~s a360 read nNcb proteoted againat the double $racking of France Avenue, <br />V4as C,EEO reado <br />Tke folloving Road and other billrJ upon being casefully checked and auditad and found correc6, were upon motion Preacatt, s~c- onded i'KLlaon be alloved and paid carriedo <br />Blackburn, Nickels Sm%tP;h Insurance BdEe 8: Contents j 20,LfO <br />They are EE follons <br />Pain City Insurance Ca Insurance on tractor $1 24*75 <br />Ca2l's Elzkktet <br />Ehneapolis G.E. Co, Nordguist Sign Company Eenraepin County Rev.iem <br />Ifiller-Davis Company <br />Je J,Duggan Ben 'Be L7oore <br />Geo A. \Ellson <br />~ J,E, Reimann National Tea Company E. V, Emri 8 Thompson Lumber Co PhilpotLoEaPley Co <br />17,H,Ziegler Co <br />Jus'tua Lumber Co <br />continued on nesL page <br />Do l?,IJcG~irs <br />C*FoPresc~Qt <br />John LiljE- <br />Grocerlea for-paar <br />April Street Liglhting <br />Wo Dumping" signe Publishing notice Chrtea' <br />election, ballots etc. <br />5 coplea Einnesatz, Village <br />Salary PTesfdent &hy <br />Salary Treasurer Eay <br />Salary Recorder Eay Salary Trustee Play <br />Salary Trustee LTay <br />Salary Trustee E?y <br />Gracerlas for poor <br />Gas & Oil for tractor <br />5 cedar posta <br />Vood for poor <br />Gaskets for tractor <br />Blacksraitkdn& suppl%eo <br />Sews Pfgo fop roada <br />I5.44 <br />5'7.85 <br />\ 22.00