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a <br />A SPECIAL WTIfJG OF TI% COUPJCIL <br />1 OF TEE VIUAGE OF EDINAS WAS EELD AT 8 J3 IB GRANG3 BALL ‘OB <br />mTE 5%h0 1928 $OR TEiE PURPOSB OF FXECBIVLNG BIDS MiB L;GFTHNG <br />CONTRACTS AS ADVERTISED ZN EE”IN COUjiTY REV1EI;I ISSUXS 03’ <br />HAY 24th and 31et BND TI-;E I3ZRO~iT BULLE’ilIN, ISSUBS OF <br />UY 26th end JUNE 2nd, 1928, <br />On beinG called to order the folling anmered Roll Call <br />President XcGuim, Tkustees Willson and ReSrnamn and Recorder <br />XO(SX%* <br />Eida based upon plans and specification8 prepared by Albert <br />Gsstber, Engineer for the Village, covering Sewer and Water connections, water main extenaionn, catch basins and atom <br />BBC;T~T, a12 in West 50th Street, Sn the Village of Edina, were received a8 felloni~~ <br />?’I. D, Laoehl Conipany $3990, QO <br />. Otto X, Anderson 46320 50 Phelps-Drake Co ‘3830,OO The stsm aew~r iten on vr113:cki the cast mill be divided between the Villace of Zdfna, and the County Board df Zleixiepfn County, <br />wa8 figured by PheLpa-Drake Company at $1752.50 <br />After due exmipation of the proposals by the Council nith the <br />help of above Engineer, it vas moved Reirnenn seconded by 17illsan <br />that the bid of Pkepbs-Drake ‘Dorapany for $3850.00 be accepted and. contmct aKvttarded them subject to also executing a somewkal <br />&imflm contract for Thorpe Brothers, carrisd. <br />ITJO further buainem meeting adjourned 10 <br />Viliage Recorders \ <br />.. <br />..