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282 <br />/ <br />A specfal meeting of the Council of the <br />Village of Edinat, vua I held on JulylQtl?, 19-28, at the home of Proaident lfcGultse, Thoae present being <br />President EfcGuire, ,Trustees Villaon and Reimann and Recorder ~ooss, <br />1. <br />The rneethg was calbed for the pulcpoae of providfng a curb in and abo& Vest 50th Street, Vester3-y from Francc Avenue to <br />the concrete pavement vas laido . <br />After discuasfon it na8 moved by Reimann, seconded by t7illson <br />that matter of letting contract fer 50th Strest curb, be sefered to Village Attorney, for Ma legal gufdancc and that RGcorder <br />be instmctcd to advertise for bide and the nark completed 20 soon ao possible, carried unanirnoualyo <br />A requeot vas mceived from Justice of the.Peaco, Aar~clfn for <br />use of the Grange Fill for Court pusposeo on Elonday evenfnga at Village 33xponac;ti vhiclz upon motion Refrnann, aoconded by Villson, . <br />carried unanirilously. . <br />e - Eighmy #6,, Tt being advisable to lay curb at this t5me 17ken <br />t <br />NQ further businma meeting adjourned 10,30 PPI, <br />A special meeting of the Council of the e Village <br />and Reimann and Recorder Hooro. <br />of Edina, vas held at tho home of Recorder EIoore, <br />8 PXe AUmnt 7th. Those present being Tmateea. Villnon, * <br />The meeting oa~l called for the puspoao going over a progrm of <br />extending. electric service into Rural Edfna and. in P;ko acctiona l.marm aa I7arden ACTOB, Cakill and the area prounfl SJeot 62nde, S% <br />and lTo~mnd33.~ Blrd., and to the 17eat thereofe <br />Fiecorder Woori, introduced T;Ir Austin of tho 1Finnaapolfa G.Zo Coo, <br />with nhom ho had beaaconfoPing and who va8 in, cheqp af the aurvsyO Hr Auntin, ouklined the matter of additional S%reot lighto, and ' <br />tke cbnging of other certain llf~h-ta at present installed, and <br />shoved an,map the areas into vf;Jich elactric serrricc would be ex- tended, rrholly at the Company's expense and nithout any connection char~e being rnads to proapective ULJ~TB, a8 a result of the co- <br />operative effort being made. <br />After considerable explanation and discuonion, iQ aljl~ apeed that <br />if the Xfnnecqml3.o G.E. Company, could obtain oufficlent c~pplfcatia.ns <br />for current, that the Village t~ou3.d agree to bTUs2aufftciant street <br />lights to be located rrhere needed so as to make the project a <br />Xo further business meeting adjourned lloOU l?he <br />reali tyo <br />e <br />Village Recordero