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* A special meeting of the Council of tho Village <br />. of Edina, was held in. Grange F&ll, on 3 <br />at 8 P.E. , <br />‘The neetine; mas called to order by the President, thorn present being President HITcGuire, Trustee Willson and Recorder T+foore. <br />The purposcl of the meeting being to paas upon a petition signed <br />by a large majority of owners of real property on Weat 50th. <br />Street in the Village of Edina, requesting ‘chat an integral <br />curb be laid in and along West 50th Street. <br />The abovc petition having been read the following resolution vas -offered by the Recordere <br />TlmWAS, Vest 50th Street in tbc Village of EdSna, ‘fa - <br />being paved this surmelc, :-between the Vest line of Prance <br />Avenue, ‘I‘Jeater3.y to ki.ghl7ay #6, the cQst of sme being <br />born by the County Board of Eennepin .County. <br />AID YJmmAS; it is hiehly advisable that an in.l;egraX <br />w.x% be laid at the see time so that a better job may <br />be aocured Ett a lese cost. <br />Iki3,L the Village of Edina, proceed to install of: have instaxled, said integral curb in and along S%st 50the Street, Vesterly from Prance Avenue to EIIc;hnay #5, in <br />.&he Village of Edina, the eost of sane to assessed <br />against abutting propssrt;y, and according to plane and kp~cificaliona on Tile in office of Eghv~ay Bngineep far liennepin County. - 33 8- IT -- FURTEER RESOLVED, that the Village Recorder of <br />Edina, bt5 instz?ucted to for bids coverinr;.: above- improvement, nkdch will be received on ’September <br />8th. 1928 at 8 Rf and opened in regular meeting to be <br />held in Grange €hlL <br />,Ths ~~~er~td~ii t7as upon the adoption of this resolutfon, <br />and the roll, being called were 3 yeas and no nws aa foUo~s - Villson, yea., %loore, yea,, HcGuirs, yea. <br />Xo fustker business to come before the Council st this time, <br />it naa lizoved l’?iJ.lson, seconded by Uoore, meeting adjourn, carried, at; 10630 Pur3 <br />ViXlnge Recorder. \ <br />t