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The regular monthly meeting of the Counci% of the Village of Edina, was held on Beberuavpy 9th. <br />1929, at 2 PN in Grange Ball. <br />The meeting ims called to orderrby President McGufre, after Fpklickl <br />the roll vas called and all members of the Council found presente <br />The surety conpany bond in amount of $500, .issued b$ AEtna Inse Csmpmy in behalf of Petel: Dahlgren, as constable, was on motion <br />Refmann be accepted, seconded by Prescstt, carried, <br />Surety conparay bond in mount of $500, issued by Standazd Acci&ent <br />Insurance Coo in behalf of' John R, Borey, as constable, was on <br />noti~n Reimsunn, 'lee accepted, seconded Prescott, carried, <br />Company, in behalf of John 5, DuggEzya, a8 Treasurer, mas" on notion Refmann, seconded by Wi1lsonF be accepted, carried, <br />The following bills upon examina%&an and being found GCITP~C~, were <br />on notion Reflawn, seconded Prescott, be calloned and ordered paid, <br />carried- they are as fallows- <br />Coal for poor ** Published notice <br />Coal for tool houne' <br />Gas for tractor Shove3.s t% Bardmare <br />Office suppliea <br />Gas for tractor <br />Groceries for poor <br />January street llgkting Prernfum I on TreasurerP s bond <br />Balaszce Sunnysiae road . 203-, bra tractor labor <br />.193-& hrs tractor labor <br />194 hrs road labor . <br />41 hrs labas with team <br />13 days 3 hrs Street Corn, <br />79 hts road labor <br />32 hrs labor with tea <br />58-$ hrs road lntaoz <br />6 hrs road labor <br />8 hrra road labor <br />12 hra road labor <br />4 hrs road labor. <br />4 lhrs road Labor <br />28 hrs mad labor <br />31 hrs road labor <br />20 hrs road labor <br />,Salary President Yeby %lazy Treasurer <br />Salary Recorde~. <br />Salary Trustee Salary Trustee Salary Trustee <br />142.45 <br />135*45 <br />87.30 <br />54,w 'I <br />'74,90 <br />34,65 <br />28.80 <br />26.33 <br />2. ?Q <br />3.60 <br />5a4Q <br />1.80 <br />le80 <br />12,60 as, 95 <br />9,oo <br />35,oo <br />25.00 <br />60aQO <br />25eOU <br />25eOO <br />25,c)o <br />Advance on rent 5eQQ Total February expenditure. 6 ,=$I8 289.83 <br />r I The minutes of regular meeting held ,on Januapy 12th were on motion <br />Prescott, seconded ViLlson, @e approved, carried, <br />9n motion Willson, seconded Reimann, Eias 17eWbel-g be advanced $5.00 <br />021 rant for, period January to and includizfg June, carried, <br />After discussion it was lnoved Refmann, seconded ??i11son, that West <br />side of Wooddale Avenue from 49th. to 50th Street, be designated <br />rpXa Parking Area 24 hours" and that Recorder be instructed to arrange <br />for necessary signs, carried. <br />In the matter of recent improvement of Boad with emshed line stone, Trustee Willson offered the follonhg resolution- <br />(continued page 4)