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The regular meeting of the Council <br />of the Village of Edfna, vas held on <br />April 13th. 1929, in Grange hll <br />at 2 PE, <br />Or, being called to order by President XcGuire, tho roll ma8 <br />called and all members of the Council found to be presentB <br />E9r Geosge.Payne addressed the Council with reference to a <br />road from West 49th Street acrom the Stmm property to hieo <br />On motion Willson, seconded Reimann, be refered to road <br />csmmitt ee, Carried, <br />Er T7, I?, Garvey, addxoeased the Council concerning Oakland Avenue, sating certain road sort ought to be donee On motion Willson, seconded Reimwnn, he refered to road committee, carrfedo <br />I <br />&stice of the Peace Aaselin, waa presen% and outlined present . <br />status of police protection its. this Village and suggested that <br />the two constables elected did not constitute a gorce abs could <br />patrol the h2ghmys regularily, After discussion it vas <br />moved by Prescotit;, seconded EJloo~e, that Ea R, Ws and L, R, BleLckburn, be appointed goli-cemegJ, for balance. of yeas 1929, <br />with conpensation to be fixed by Council frommontb ta month, <br />carried. t <br />Petition 172~8 received from property owners living on East side <br />sf Halifax Avenue, between 50th and Slst, Streets, asking that <br />50th to 51st. Stre&, and assessed against the .propex%y benef- <br />fted and to be paid for in three annual asse8sment8c Bherein <br />Trustee Reinan- offered tho falh~fng resolukion <br />Whereas, owners .of property fronting on the East <br />side of EaUfax Avenue, fseom 50th- to 51st, Streets in the Village of Edina, County of Hennepin ad <br />S%ate of Edfnnesota, have petition'ed the Village Council <br />of said Village to,order a public sidewalk to be laid <br />on said street 5t~ wfereaaid, nnd therein requested the <br />adoption of the necessary resolution to g%ve effect thereto, according to law, <br />e- a a Resolved, by the Village Council of the <br />Village of Edfna, that a sidewalk be and the me is <br />hereby ordered to be L&id on East side of Ealif~js &ee, frcm %est 50th Street to Ves% 5bst Stree%s, according <br />to standard specif$cet$ons and on grade to be fixed by the Village Council of Edina, and %hat said sidemalls be <br />completed on or before the first day of June b929, and <br />it ia further ordered that this sesobutiora. shall be duly <br />served 8n or before the twentieth day of Hay 1929 upon <br />the omera of all lots, parts of ~QPIB an& parcels of ground fronting on or abutting the East side of Ealifax Avenue fron Vest 50th to Vest 5lst Streets where said <br />sidewalk is hereby ordered to be laid. <br />--- <br />r a sfdevralk be lsfd along the East side of Halifax Avenue from <br />.- <br />The vote being upon the question of adoption tvhcsefn there viere <br />five Ayes and no Hays as follsss - EcGuire Aye, Willson Aye, Prescstt Aye, Reimn Aye, EdooPe Ayet and so ordered I - besf dent <br />Attest Village Recorder