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Minutes of the reelar meeting of tte <br />Council of the Village of Edina, held <br />on May 11th. 3.929, in- Crange~kiall, Weat <br />50th Street &: Wooddale Avenue at €3 BMe <br />The meeting was called to order by President EcGuire, after which. <br />the roll was called and. all members of the Council were found to be present;. <br />The minutes of the regular meeting held $on April 13th. and the <br />SpeciaL Meeting held on April. l.?the wem read rend approved. <br />The following miscellaneous bills upon being found correct, were <br />on motion Reimann, seconded Prescstt, be allowed and orderedt. <br />paid, Carried* They are as fol3.o~~ <br />We E. ZiegEer Company <br />Minneapolis GE Company J.E.Benneasy Coo <br />Philpatt-Bailey <br />Edirm Garrage <br />Ds' L.M, Campbellb <br />JeB.Adama Company <br />J,D,Adms Company <br />Blackburn,Xickeba, Smith <br />Marsh & McLennon <br />Bennepfn County Review <br />Standard Clothing Eouae <br />Elwc kburn Hi ckel B Srni th <br />Lyle Signrj . <br />E.W.HarriE; <br />We P. Garvey <br />XES Claura Johnson <br />Edfna Grocery <br />E.Cl.aire Alden <br />VhM~ek * <br />Ne Newberg <br />Tractor repairs $1. 80 <br />Road culverts 48.08 <br />Refacing & reseating valves <br />Services Health Offacer 130e00 <br />2nd, installment on grader292,91 <br />Premium tractor insurance 20.40 <br />Premium ins, tool house, <br />%o Parking 24 hrs" aims <br />inotalled Wosddale eC 50th 49,50 <br />April street ligkting 398e37 <br />Coal for poor 6eOQ <br />catelfllar tractor 2,50 <br />1-#0 road plow 32.00 Premfum officersv bonds 6eOO <br />Pub1 i shed not 5. c e s 8*10 <br />Offdcars cap 3.00 <br />tools & snow fencing 28.84 <br />Gas for tractor 35e64 <br />St re et br o om le 00 <br />104 loads road gravel 26, QQ <br />26 loads road gravel 6.50 <br />Groceries for poor 12987 <br />Acct. labor on village <br />t rac inm lQQe 00 <br />The follotvitlg road bills upon being found correct were on motion <br />Preecott, seconded Willson, be &Lowed and ordered paid, carried, <br />They are as followla <br />S, J, Robeet 8 <br />A. IVebber <br />Eamy Vanatta <br />John Tracey <br />Frmk Roberts <br />L, Tsplin <br />Earl MaNelli s <br />James Boweg Je6, Snevely <br />J, J,krggan <br />Ben B. IXocrre <br />C .Pa Pren eo t t <br />G~o, Ae WillSon <br />J,E,Reimann w. se Joy <br />Je Collins <br />De 3'. MC Gu~ re <br />'Emxotor labor 0 70$ <br />Trac%or l~bor Q 70# <br />Road labor @I 458 <br />Road labor 0 45g! <br />Road labor with team @ 90$ <br />BpMd labor with team @ 90g <br />Road labor Q 458 <br />Road labor Q 45@ <br />Road labor Q 4595 <br />Road labor Q 45@ <br />Salary Zzgsfdent Nay <br />Salary Treaeurer Nay <br />Salary Recorder May <br />Salary Trustee May <br />Salwry Trustee Xay <br />Ba2ary Trustee Xay <br />$120.40 <br />120.40 <br />21.60 <br />82.80 <br />165e6Q <br />126 00 <br />63.00 <br />- sa20 <br />10e8Q <br />48.60 <br />35600 <br />25,QQ <br />6Qa 00 <br />25 00 <br />25eOO <br />25 00 128,60 <br />$I.eOQOe 00 <br />Total Uay expenditure <br />A petition signed by George L, BTOOkB, under date of Uay lltb, aeking for a permit to aperats a. Gasoline Station as well as a. <br />Refreanhznent Paace, on Iiighway #5 Solitfi. of Minnehdia Creek, <br />was on motion Reimann, seconded 8400re~Be accepted and placed <br />on fila, carried, <br />as above $2,308,73. <br />A petition signed by Robert Johnson, dated May 12th, for perrrift to operate a Refreashment place on Mighway #5 near Gleason Road on Ambroae Kzte's property, was on motion Reimaan, seconded <br />Prescott, be" accepted and placed on file for Council to invest-' iaate, C ._ e A