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Xinutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina, held on September 14tb, 1929 at 8 PN in Grange - EaZl, West 50th Street and Wooddale Ave. <br />*. .. <br />The Poll on 'being called found all members of the Comc%X present except President UcGuire, vihemupon Trustee Willson moved and Tmatee RsimamJ seconded the motion that Trustee Preacott 5erve <br />as President 220 Tern Carried. <br />Bfoffarer Bureau t~P$hi.;.bh~, request XPS Pdartfhi?; ~ b%Te of Albert gartine, be ales placed at tho-hunty' Farrh'at the- expenbe' 6ff' tke VZlbsge of <br />Edina, after discussion it vtm mo+red ReSmann, neconded 'bYilfson, be refereta to Village Health Officer for his $ecommendatisn, carried, <br />President XfeGubPe arrived a% "chis point and assumed tbe chaimmshig <br />of %he meeting. <br />A Xr Hooper,5920 Beard Avenue South, appeared before the Council <br />with request Beard lhvenue between 59th and 60th Streets be Mproved <br />ad which mm refered to the President for what attention he'might <br />think best,' <br />Zr V7,5,Code, appesTed before the CouncSX with the request Grove <br />Sere& be Graded 80 that road would be passa%le, which on mo%ban <br />Prescott eeconded. 13il.lsan, be refared to Road and Bridge Committee, <br />The Road bills,sa fallows were on motion Prescott, seconded by <br />Wiblson, be allowed and ordered paid, carriedo <br />-i _I -*I.. -I *- ~ -1- -_ 4 1. .,. <br />A,X%SS 'Ldb and' ~.Z&SB S&Xkabiiiy; *'&~p&&~?&K-i~'~%Bb- n&ie 9F FmZ&y I <br />Q <br />t. <br />carried, , <br />i <br />Brmk Roberts, 112 hrs labor wlibth tern 8 90,d j <br />Prank Roberts, 46 hrs road labor @ 458 <br />B, Izemple, 144 hrs road labox. 0 45p Lo Taplfn, 2.68 h~o road labor 0 45p <br />JP H, Snavley, 200 hrs Park labor @ 45g Jo Collins, 198 hss Road labor-@ 45p <br />J, Tracy, -187 hrs Road labor '271th team 0 9OP <br />A, IYebber, 818 hrs tractor operator 0 70g' <br />SaJ.30bert.s, 226 hrs tractor opersfior 0 70/t <br />\Va S, Joy, 2x7 hrs Street 'Cummissioner @*70# Joe Faus%gen, 43 hrs 0 $1.5U ( r'ent''of 3quiprhen.f;) <br />Robert Schult~~ 39 .hrs Labor- wlith. team @' $L 00 <br />?Yo T. Eughes, 62 hrs Blsdeman'O '76 and. 90# <br />J, A, %e&yi, ?6 lira Fareman 8 90$ <br />,John Shank, *54 hrs Dumpman @62$ and T5# <br />Cap1 Prieg, 72 hre Tract;or aperatyr: 8 75 arid SO# <br />S, E, Pahe, 46 hrs labor wi%h truck 0 $1.50 <br />E. E, Soderberg, 43 hrs labor with truck 8 $X.sQ Hubert Jusoltra. Labor with &ruck 46 hrs 0 $L,50 . <br />.. <br />The following rniscellameoua bill8 were on bojlng found correct% were 011 mo'trion Reimann, seconded TVillson, be ahlone& and ordered <br />~ paid carried, They are &B follow% / <br />I Xinneapolis G,E,Cr>, August Btseef; lighting -843.2e 12 E.Y+Barri~ .Gas for tractiore & graders - 439.81 <br />Edina Grocery Groceries for poor (Xevzburg) 26* 98 <br />, Hinneapolia >lu?e print co B/P Village Plats 1ae37 <br />Dr Le Me Canbell Serfkcea Eealth Officer 5, QO 1 <br />S$eueason 8 Esrdzare Tar and brush 2,oo <br />I!/, F, Garvey Road tools 6 supplies 108 49 <br />2* Oslmd CO Blscksmfthfng 6-55 <br />Alexander & Bradley Engtneering Etemfc es &2* QO <br />Thompson Lumber Co Posta and Planks 20 23 <br />Landers, Xarriaon Christ, Co Road Surfacing (315 yds) 465.00 <br />I.?Sille2-Bavia cae Office suppbies e 90 Hemepin County Hevlew Publf ahed. Not ic es 15e.30 <br />Ells8 Clatzs Johson Road gravel (30 loads) 5'050 Lyle Culver% & Rd Eq CO, Road Culverts 39'?,21, <br />Pioneer hbr Ebevo CO, Lumber hbQ 99 <br />hf*C,.Uden Work on Village tracings (fba1)40,08 <br />Te OaLmd CO 'Blgcksmithing 3,235