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me rueetie m8 called to order by President EcGuire af%ero <br />Vbich %,he r003.1 vas called and all memnbers,oaf the CounciZ rnz found to be presento <br />A delegati~n of' proper$y owners living in and along France lave about 45th to 49th Streets Qcra preaent in regard to protestim <br />against tho erection of duplex house on lot 5 Count7 AuditiOzts <br />Subo 1720 Xiss Kennedy and others. &$e2 cofisidemble discusrshn it mas <br />moved Villson 1) seconded %harm, application for duplex on a,%ove lot be rejected by Village Council, carried unaniwousZy~ <br />After discussion regarding Guard mi1 or? Interlacken b%&, 5% ma <br />moved Td11ssn, seconded Reimam, that I?pproxiria-iMy 8 %otal of <br />750 feet be installed at %he curye ma2 Interlacken Club and at the Kc33ellfn curve and that vrork be arrardsd to E& Daniel Pflillipj?~ <br />0 22$$ per 900% 'basis of being done as per State Standapd, carried <br />hong those k aard ma EP T7cGIVeld%, Clifford S Bmden <br />The plo3lowing Road bills upon due examination and being found correct, mre upon motion Fkimann, seconded PrescoQt , be allwed <br />and ardexed paSd, carried. <br />TI. Sa JOY Street Commissioner LOO hrs 0 YO$ $70 e 00 <br />SeJeRsberts , Tractor opera%or 172 hrs 0 YO$ lZOe40 <br />A. ?Bbbe~ Tractor opemtor 272 It 120 . 48 <br />Jq Tracy Za'bormfth tern 76 It 11 90@ . 68.40 <br />3% Ikmplb Road labor 8 If It $1 3.68 <br />31 Bo SmW?ly, (I - <br />cp Re &sorana, Tree fJcrimmitig 158 hrs 0 $X.S0 958.00 <br />5, Collins Road labor 60 hrs 0 4% . I 27000 <br />Pa& la'bpr 30 If 13e50 <br />Totaal . *$ 58lC38 <br />&e follsning miscellaneous bills upon due exminatfcm and being fOund cospreciti, vers on rao%ion Preacot%, seconded 17illson, be al- <br />Lor7ed and ordered paid carpied. .+ <br />Gas Tor tractor ')46.TZT Street Paving Repairs 238 e s5 Prints from Village Tracings 3.34 %%ring tool houao 20.45 <br />~Publ isbe d Eo it c e r.20 <br />4e e trical supplies 7093 <br />Lwnber" for Fencing 2.02 Office supplfsa 50 50 Groceries POP poor 17eS Police services inc Auto 20000 PoZice services inc Auto 20000 Oilingr scaxeelng 17 48th Sdc 139.60 &ad gmvel delivered 196038 <br />Haspdvasei3 supplies 7e20 &ginees?ing semices 15.00 IboPing paper pi: suppliea 5. I3 <br />Halifax Ave 765088 Salary PrsaidenL 35800 <br />%%taxy Treasurer 25aOO <br />Sal- %corder 60 00 <br />Salamgr Tmstee 25006 <br />Salary Trus.tee 25000 Salam Trustee 25080 <br />Laying siddwalks as per com- <br />Lmct on \? 44th, Xerxes and <br />Application of Efnneagolis Gas Light Company to extend Gae Psafzlrs in block 14 in and along private pmpea'ty, vas reed and on motion &bann be placed on file, seconded by Premott, carriedo <br />A commieation f~am Ee A, B. Zielko, Secy of Countrg Club Astsn. staeins khat at it recenk meeting of that Aesocia%ion, suggestion <br />was made vith reference 'co placing safety signs along Vest SQ-bb. Stmet as au'co travel rras very fasto On motion KOOPC $' Eteconded <br />4 <br />1.