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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council of <br />at 8 PM in Grcnge Ball, West 50th St., le Wooddale <br />the Village of Edina, held on November 9the -1929, . <br />Avenue , <br />The meeting was called to order %y President ?&cGuise, the' roll <br />was. called and all membere'of the Council were found to bo present. <br />Xra. Lillian We Snyder, 368 Ridgewood Ave, Minneapolis, was in <br />waiting and addressed the Council with reference to zoning rea- <br />tsictions she would prefer as the owner of about 66 lots along France &venue, 57th to 58th Streeta. Nrts Snyder waa adBised definate zoning restrictions were not as yet determined, and that it would perhaps be gdviaable for-her to appear before +the Zoning <br />Comalasian later, .. <br />Meseers' Lockwood and Hasnsen, living in Brookside AWiIAon8 appear- <br />ed before the Council with reference to drainage ditch along <br />Cleveland Avenue. After discussion $t was agreed' and arranged that present ditches be cleaned out, culverta lowered and what- ever else necessary to provide seasonable storm water Grainage, President to oversee the job, <br />< <br />Xr Gust Johnson, as owner of lot-'5, Auclitot's Sub 172,,appaasod <br />with his attorney Mr Philip Philipjps; requesting Council' to recede <br />its action taken at October 12th meeting, and grant a permit to build a two story duplex on said lati After considerable dis- cussion Xr Johnson -agreed to- see property owners on both sides of lot 5, with idea of working-out;an amicable settlement of the <br />matterwhich if successful to be refered back to the Cpuncil, <br />Minutes of--meeting hhd on September J4th, were read and approved, <br />NinuLea. of meeting held on Octovcr 12th, were mad and, approved <br />a8 amended, Recorder having omitted the resolution offered by Trustee Reimann, for Village to accept deed offered by 8. E, Cede <br />and others to North 10 feet of land for public Thad pusposea of <br />~ lots k an? 24 in block Ap lets 1 and 12 in block 2, an@ lo$a b ad 12 block 3, all in Code'er Bighvietv Park Addition, <br />The following miscellaneous hills upon due examination and being <br />found correct t743re on motion Prescott, oecsnded &,imam, be all0l;ired <br />and ordered paid, which carried, <br />Cam's Peed Q Seed Stoze, <br />Lyle Culvert; &s Rd Eq Co <br />Lyle Culvert h Rd Eq Co <br />Ro1lfns:Smd & Bdg B3.k Co <br />Rennepin County Thompson Lumber Co I Miller-Dagis Company Minncapolts G.3, Company Edina Hardware <br />City of Ninneapolis- <br />Wenqepin County Review <br />C. R. Boorsma Edina Grocery W;" F. Gravcy <br />E. V, Ham*fa I Be;? Bm Moore <br />Lath. $1. 00 <br />Road signs 29e40 <br />Road culverta 89.60 <br />Road Gravel deliyered 127 28 <br />Poor Pam Servics 65,OO <br />Lumber for Sqow fence 15eOO <br />Office aupplieq 20. OS October street lfghting 402,12 <br />.Road supplies . 20 35 One half coot filling BC crowning W 54th €k France 182.60 <br />Published Matice .$,BO <br />Labor trimming. trees CCD 19mQO Groceries for poor 13d24 <br />Road arupplies 7.56 <br />Gas & Oil Tor tractor ~ 320 81 <br />t <br />F$es- advanced for recoqd- <br />ing deeds . . 2,90 <br />Trustee Salary November 25. QO <br />Treasurer's SaMW Xoyember 25, QQ <br />Belhnry President November 35,OQ <br />Trustee Salazy November 25.00 Trustee Salary November 25, OQ <br />Salary Recorder November 6Qe 00 <br />Total IdiSClm $a,,zo9,7h <br />The Road bills upon due exmination and heing'found coirect were <br />on inotlan Prescott, seconded Willson, be~~gaPbsakdband ordered paid, and carried are as. follows- <br />Continued on page 31.