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A-iSPECIfi IdEEZZNG <br />OF TEE COUNCfL OF TE?3 VILLAGE OF EDIITJA, VAS EELD AT TEE Ii0bE.E OB <br />RECORDER MOOFiE ON TIZ EVENING OF BOVEMBIZR 22nd. 1929, FOR TEZ <br />PURPOSE OF AUDfTXEG TEE BOOKS OF RECORDER AND TREASURER FOR <br />PZRIOD DXCWBER 1st. 1929 TO DATE, <br />The meeting was called to order at 8 BN by President XcGuire. <br />The roll on being called found all members of the Council present <br />except Trustee Prescott, who arrived later, <br />The Financial Statement for cu”s_rentrqyear was presented by the <br />‘ Recor&or, as well a8 the Treasurer’s books. Upon due examin- ation it mas found the books of the Recorder and Tseaaurer were <br />in accord and showed total receipts from a11 mume@ to be <br />$29,!.32,01 tvhic?h included $Ip 49L84 cash deposit .,ia bank 8s of <br />December 1st 1928. cash ~rt hand and in bank ,of $3# 055, Q4, <br />\ <br />Total disburaoments were $26,077,87 Zsazvirsg I <br />NQ outstanding vr&mziants existing and with all current bills paid <br />to date. <br />On motion Trustee‘ Reimam, seconded Trustee Villson, report of Recorder and Treasurer be accepted and ordered publ&&ed, carried, <br />Accordingly tke Annual Ffnahcial S$atembnt of the Village of <br />Edina, VECS published in the official. newspaper of the village <br />The Eennepin Couaty Review, hvchlaer 28th. 1929 issue, <br />4 <br />I <br />The resignation of P. DEthlgPen as Constable, was received and read; On motion %illson, geconded Reimann, be accepted, carried,* <br />After discussion regarding the spreading of special assessments <br />and papenta for Sanitary Sewer, Stoma Sewer, Curb B Gutter, in <br />Fairway Section,. Countyr Club District, it was moved by Trustee <br />Re,ixnann,j that Recorder and Treasurer be .authorized to accept <br />e2 the 1929 Fairway assessment frqm Thorpe Bros., on same basis aa the 1928 assessment and payment, and not spread \vitki County Auditor, seconded by Willson, and carried.. <br />Ne further buainesR to come before &e meeting, motion to adjourn <br />carried at 10,20 PN, <br />Village Recorder, . <br />Detailed Binancial Stetement of the Village of Edina, with re- ference to Specis1 Assessments for Fairway Section, CCB, f~ <br />year ending November 38th. 1929. <br />i.. <br />.* RECEXPTS <br />November 21,‘ I929 county krearjurer $134.84 Emergency Fund 32. a8 <br />I1 (I I* In .t; 552a1B <br />Tborpe Brae,, Curb 8c Gutter, Princ. 1678,92’- <br />Thorpe B~OBG Sanitary Se~tes, Print 994092 <br />I8 If In t D. 329.47 <br />1) It In t 564.69 Thorpe Broa, Stom Sewer, Princ 1710,65 <br />Total m*r -. B~$~BIJRSEMEXTS ‘Nbvember 21, 1929 Nargarct; LThorpe, Cu.rb & Gutter, Bond 81500.@ <br />Int. 551,23- It It <br />Total. $54!?0CQQ <br />\ VblXsge Reeorder