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Nd$nu%os of the regula2 meeting of %he C@unci3. of the <br />Grange Bbl at 2 PM, P <br />Villago of Edina,, held on February Btki,. 1938, in <br />&finu.t;les of the regular meeting held on Decembex! l4th, 1929, were read -and on motion Prescott, seconded Willson, he approved <br />road carried, <br />&Tinutea of the ~e&lar meeting held in Januaqy ~~tb, 1930, were read and on motion Reirnann, setcondo8 zreaeatt, be approved as <br />Ninutes of the special meeting heid on Februnrydth, 3.930, we1ipe <br />redd and on motion Reimam, secoqded Pmscolt, be approved as <br />The read bill13 upon examination and being Pound correct were on <br />motion Prescott,;,, seconded Willson, be allowed and ordered paid, <br />ce,rr%eda ~ <br />read; carlt%edm <br />read, emri ede <br />1 <br />The miscellaneous bills as approved, on being found correct, <br />were on motion Heirnann, aecsnded Willson, be allowed and ordered <br />paid, carried, <br />75* QO <br />2,a.o <br />9.09 <br />3e26 <br />35. OQ <br />2. Ul <br />45. OQ <br />52.98 <br />405,92 <br />Continued ob page #43.