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5% '; <br />Eimtes of a special meeting held at the borne of Recorder Xooye, 4655 Vooddale Avenue <br />called by President EScGuire, 'for the purpose <br />of discussing a proposed. sever connection ~8th Idinneapolis oewer aystem, on May 27th. 1930, <br />The meeting mas called ta order Sy President HcGuire, the <br />roll call VQS answered by President E$cGuiro, Trustee Willson <br />After discussian) Trustexson offered tkte follovr'lfng resol- <br />ution, <br />k7EEXEASp A competent aurvpy 0% thor 88'i7exb system aesving %be <br />Country Club District hrta been made with reference to connect- <br />irrg said sever aystem vith the lprop~sed Kinneapslbs sewer at Prance Avenue and Pleat 50th Street, and that it ia both advis- <br />able and expedient .to connect said sewer syatems, <br />a and Recorder Koore., <br />v - <br />---- TB3EtEPORE cc BE LIPI IT lage of Edina, that the. Eonorable Council of the City of Einnet. <br />- AND .OU Bl? - IT mJRTZiER ms that the %resident and Recorder: <br />of said Village of Edina, be end are, hereky empovered for and <br />in behalf of the Village of Edfnra,t to sign said applicationo <br />mOLVEg, by the Council of the ViI- <br />. apul%s, be petitioned far necessary connection and service <br />' The votte being upon the adoption or" the resolution wherein there were three yesa and no nays as follone, MsGujbre Aye, Moore Aye and TVillson Aye,, and so ordered <br />' Above re-solution as&d the, Special "Counk11 meeting on the day and date as a % ove <br />f <br />, <br />6 <br />C <br />Village Recordero <br />f <br />c