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57 !-* ISnutes of the regular meeking <br />. of the Council or" the Village of Mina, - held in Grange HalX on AugusL 9th. 1930 at 8 Pi50 <br />%e meeting vas called to order by President UcGuire, the 2011 vas * <br />called and all members of the ,Council ansnered presente *I <br />r <br />Ur VoH.Adams and Ckpt Peacock, appeared before the Council viih the <br />request Capt Peacock be allowed to c0nnec.t; vith the main sanitary <br />sever propofired to be installed by Thorpe Bros, running past Capt, Peacock's property on Test '50th. near Halifax Avenue, to carny untreatod 3cmago from Country Club Districe to IJinnenpolis SOE~BLO <br />at Vest 5Wh Street ayld France Avenue South. He was assured of Councilts co-opemtion in the matter. <br />lrJr Co A. Holm and TloZJeCooper, appearsd,before the Gounci1 on the <br />sane matter OB apening up a road to Nr HoLm'e property North of the <br />Street car tracfta and the Cooper property, as ~ms presented to the Council. at the reGulsP July meetingo Nothing having been- done the matter vas reforsd to Vi11cge Recorder to %&e up nith Village Attorney and report back to Councile <br />After discussion on the matter of street traffic signs %o be placed at the eight (8) entrances to the Country Club DistricZl , Trustee Beinam- offered the following resolution, ,I <br />Qe. it resolved by the Council of the Village of Edina that a regulation street traffic sign be placed at- the <br />I 1Torthms-k corner Sunqyside Rd and Grimes Avoo.. . - Ora Ves.%"sTde-'-Vooddale Ave South of Street car. tracks - On X'es% side Bromdalo Ave South of Street car tracks . Qn South.side Sumyside Rd near junction with $5 On ITor'ch &at corner Arden Avenue and S7est 5OtIl S.% On ITorthast comer Bmce Avenue and Vest 50th SLo On Xor-&east corm2 'C"loodda1e Ave and Vest 50% SL On &as% s'iW Bm~mdale Ave South of Vest 49th St. <br />followins locations in the Village of Nina, *r <br />,n , to read DXVE CAFBFULIX - 371 CHILDFUX LIVB 115: !THIS DLSTRXCTtl <br />and moredig% aaoption, seconded by Preacott and carried; Recorder to arrange i-mtallation as per Council resolutiono <br />'Th; Recorder ~ead a letter dated'Auguet 7th. '2930, Qy Ur JOAeJensen, Supervioor of Xinneapolis Ylater Voxks @dpt., stating the Viater ToYks <br />Committee of Uinneapolls City CounciX, had on August 5, 1930, aut- horized the extension of the 48." nater main from South 38th Street . and France Avenue, to South France Avenue and Vest 5B-bhe Street, and .that frrom t'le north village limits of.L'dina on &a-nee Avenue, <br />, to Wst 50th. Street, there. was laid small vater mains, g;aa rizains and sever &ad 'chat it would therefore be difficult, to constm,ct <br />Vne large 48" main on the Cip;Y side of France Avenue and reques%ed pemnission of the Council of the Village of Edfm, to lqr the 48" main on the Cest si& of the center line of France Avenue Prom PTorPlh Village limits Lo Vest 50th Street, in the Villege of Gdinao After discussion Village Recorder Uoore, offered the folloning 9 <br />rasolut ion. <br />.- . vith at120 filileu%ign on same post and belon the laqpr'sfgns <br />d <br />Fesolut,ion authorizing the excavation for, layins# - ins2;alling, mainfehahca ,and operation of EL 48" <br />rrz-PsT min on the Vest slde of Branee Avenue Souti11 <br />h VXhge of Mine,, Prom the North Village liai%s <br />of said village to Vest 50th StEeeL in said vill8geb <br />VH3FWS, "316 City of ECIfnneapoliB desires to and is- at present extend- ing a 48* rater main in Prance Avenue Soueh, Tron {Sth Street to . <br />50th Street, "throwh said city, the Village of St 'Lauis Park, the <br />Village of Eorningside , and 'the Villqe of ddina, which said nater , main i~ intended to and will bring the principal raster qupp3.y into <br />said districfa, and <br />WBREAS, it appears from a statemen* from the Yatar To&a Department to $h'e Ti.lIlase Recorder of said Village of Zdina, unde-r data of .. <br />August ?, 1930, that by reason of said Prance Ayenue being a border <br />street, the present small water main, conduits, sever and gas mains <br />nov laid iq the city side or" the center line of said avenue, it mad <br />be difficult to canatmet this larger) main on the city side OP said - <br />avenue t7iA&out seriously Qisturbing existing inprovements , and.