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69 - ::lnutea of a Special ZeeLing of the Council <br />of the Village of &ha, called by President <br />::eGuiw, and held at the home of Trus-beee Tillson, on Eovenber 3, $930, at 8 PI:, all' <br />nembers of the Council beiw present. <br />The meeting ~ms called for the purpose of receivixg report <br />of TraPfic Cormittee of the Council srjr Trustees ??i11son <br />aid Reiiiia~nn~ The report having been duly made it ~.ras moved PrescoQt, that ROSCQ~ B. XLie&s, be employed as Vf3- <br />k~se ::wsh~,l.l. at a salary of $150.00 per calendar month, Yillase to fuxniah police auto side arm equipment, cap and <br />%adzes, i.:fe&e to furnish miiforxi, motion seconded bj Fciraann and carried unanhously e <br />Xo further businzss to come before the Council, motion to adjourn carried at 9 PUe <br />t <br />t <br />c <br />..