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The mesting ~aa celled to order by President ElcGuire and all members of the Council viere found to be present, I. <br />The Tinancia1 statement for the current year t7as prssentcd <br />by tho Recorder ELB vrell as Treasurer's bookro, Upon examin- <br />ation it 57m found that the books of the Recorder and the <br />Treasurer were in accord and that total receipts by the <br />Recorder .and turned. over to Village Treaaurer vere @69'?,26, Receipts from County Treasurer 17ere $26,?44,69, <br />bank dcgoait t7QB $970%0 Cash an deposit as of Xovember- <br />22nd. T~B $3,055,04. Total. receipts fxom tzI.1 'sources being <br />$30,954,24, Total disbursemenb were $27,356,81 rne,king <br />cash on deposit on above date $2,737,42. are paid and tlr?ere 'being no outstanding varrantso <br />it was moved Reimmn, that accounts of Recorder and Treaourer <br />having been duly examined, verified and audited and found <br />correct, that tho ewe be approved and published in the officiaa . newspaper of the Village, November 27, 1930 issue, motion <br />+seconded by Villson and carried. <br />.A detailed financial .statement of ,the Village of Edintib, vrith <br />.reference to SpeciaL Assessments in l?i'nirvmy Section, Country <br />4lub Distrf'ct, for Curb & Gutter, Sanitary Sewer azd Stom .sewer for year ending November 21~43,4930. <br />Receipts <br />Intelrest on <br />A31 curlcent bills Whereupon <br />I. <br />*. <br />.Xovember 21, 1930 Thorpe Broa C&G Int & Princ.. $2,046,49 . - <br />IS (I I) Thorpe Bros Sa Sever Int i% Princ 1,213,78 <br />11 11 I' Thorpe Bros Stom Sewer In$ & Princ 2,086.72 <br />124, a9 <br />On deposit Birst Kat1 Bmk, emergency fund 528.56 'I 135,346,99 <br />Total receipts $5$999.74 <br />Prom County Treasurer for Bairdl assessment <br />. <br />Disbursement a <br />Xargarst A. Thorpe, Curb & Gutter bonds $1:5OOoOO * <br />It , If (I II #I ir interest 478.75 <br />It I1 1I fI 11 intereat 288.75 <br />II It II (I intereat 472.50 <br />Cash balance an of tkis date, on deposit $259.7& <br />II It II Sanitary Sewer bonds 1,000,00 <br />I1 0 It Storm sewer bonds 2,QOQ. QO <br />- Total disbursements $5,740.00 <br />All the above axamhed, audited, Mpapproved the 213% day <br />of 1Tove:Ilber 1930. <br />Signed D.F.XcGudre <br />Geo A. W11aon c. F.Pret3co.t;t <br />J, Eo 'bieirnznn <br />. <br />'\ - ,Village Recorder.