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Minutes of the regulm meeting of the 1 74 <br />Council. of the Village of Edina, held in Grange Hall, on Decamber 13$ 1930. <br />me meeting wet8 order by President McGuire st i / 8 and all members of the Courrcil were found to be present. <br />md the Village of Edina, of sanittbry sewage from 246 acres coIllgrksing the Country Club District discharging into the <br />Minneapolis sewer guyateat, first cane before the Council. \ Leftere from Er George W. Strong, Village Attornq , to the Coum91. under dates of December 4th and December 5th. 1930 and letter from Tkorpe Bros., ted December 11, 1930, sncloeing Thorpe BOB, ofieok for 250.00 and also giving consent of the Country Club District Service Oompaq~, t,o the connection of the West 50th Street sewin YBSm, the MinneBpolis I sewer syartern were r . &e matter ms discusued Qy the <br />Council after which I"-" Recorder Moore offered the following resolution and moved its adoption- <br />R.E3OLW, that the proposed contract between the City of Xinneapolis and the Village of Edins, dated December <br />13, 1930, pemitting sanitary sewerage from 246 mre8 are or 1638s in Villlzge of Hina to discharge into the Unneagolis sewer system at West 50th Street and France Ag.enut3, has been read and discussed cat 8 regular meefifng of the Council of the Village of BOna, held on December <br />AXD WBEREAS, it is advisable and necessary that such a contract be entered into between the Si@ of %r?n€E%pOlh3 <br />FEUEB!#~ BB IT RESOLVZD, by the Village Couneil: of the <br />Mim, does hereby accept approve and agree to all the terns and conditions set forth in said con%rcae.t; dated <br />December 13, 1930, and hereby empowers its President and Village Recorder to sign and execute said contract for and In behalf of the said Village of Edina. <br />"her matter of the agreement between the City of Minneapolis // <br />'7 <br />i <br />I <br />, <br />I <br />I <br />J I <br />\ . <br />\ 23, 1930. <br />f , and the Village of &Anna. I 1 <br />Village of Blina, for and in behalf of the Village of I <br />I <br />The motion was seconded by Trustee Villson, the vote was taken on the question of the adoption of the resolution wherein it wag found there were five ayes and no nays and <br />BO declsrsd adopted. <br />Mr Albert; Emrms and P.J=Ebbmidt, appeared before the Council <br />asking *et issuance of license to sell fire works in Xina, <br />be limited to service organizations of War Veterans. After disouasion it was agreed to hold the matter over, till next <br />4 <br />' regular meeting of the Council. <br />Mr L~A.BBcClellan prersented petitions on behalf of residents <br />and property owners in neighborhood of West 54th Street and <br />BairB Avenue, to grade West; 54th Street in Edina from mance Avenue %st to Zenbth and for sidewalk on South side of West <br />34th Street from France Avenue to Zeneth. After dirjcussion it was moved Srescott that petition be received and refered to a committee of two to be appointed by the President, m~tion seconded Moore and ct~rrieil. President appointed Trusteas mllson and Reirnann. <br />Petition by J.T.Dslaney' and others for arJaistance by the <br />Village Council in effort ot obtain electric service along <br />West 70th Street from France Avenue to Cahill was received. After a short discussion Trustee Reinam offered the follow- <br />ing resolution- <br />Resolved that the written petition subanitted Qy several remidents of the Village of Edina, be presented by the <br />Village Council to the Xinneapolis General Hectrio Co. , <br />with the request that that concern immediately make a <br />J <br />I- <br />continued page 75. <br />f