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Minutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina, held <br />in Grange Hall on February 9t2;-1931, <br />at8PM. <br />The .meeting was called to order by President McGuire after <br />which the toll was call and all members of the Council were <br />found to be present. <br />The matter of proper vacation of a part of Laura Avenue and <br />other pieces of property having coarse before the Council at its <br />last regular meeting....on Tahuary, 10tho last and persuant to <br />notice duly published. and posted to come before the Council <br />at this time, was t,ak6h up as the first item of business. <br />After discussion by the 'Counc it r1r th_ Vi,ll age Attorngt- ,aeorge <br />W. Strong and Mr :E. T. Abbott' Trustee Prescott offered .the <br />followirkg resoluti ®n,' <br />"Be it resolved by the Village Council of the Village <br />of Edina, that the following described streets or f <br />parts of streets' within the corporate limits of said <br />Village of Edina, to wit: <br />FIRST® That part of Laura Avenue as formerly laid <br />out and stablished in said village which is now known <br />and designated on the plat of Auditor's Subdivision <br />number 176 as the Fast Forty feet (40) of Lot Thirty <br />(30) of said Auditor's Subdivision . #176: - <br />SECCND All those parts of that certain strip of land <br />forty (40) feet wide lying next to and adjoining on <br />the South and West, a line which begins at a point <br />175 feet `Jest of the East line of Sec tion 28 , in Town- <br />ship 117 North of Range 21 West, and 211.5 feet South <br />of the South line of right of gray of Minneapolis, <br />Iyndale and Minnetonka Raili ay Company and runs thence <br />West 275.4 feet, thence North 2 degrees 20 minutes <br />East of 61.5 feet: thence on a curve to the right with <br />a radius of 187.6 feet a distance of 77.8 feet: thence <br />on a tan6bnt to the last named curve 7.6 feet: thence <br />on a curve to the left with a radius of 183 feet a dis. <br />tance of 64.2 feet to the South line of right of way of <br />said Railway Company, which are not included within the <br />limits of Moore Avenue as now laid out and traveled in <br />said Village and which is not included within the limits <br />of tract of land described as Lot 24 of Auditor's Sub - <br />division Number 176, and the Easterly 5 feet measured at <br />right angles to the Wert line of said lot 24, of lots <br />20, 210 22, and 23, and the Westerly 5 feet measured at <br />right angles to the East line of Lot 24, of Lots 259 26, <br />31 and 32, all in said Auditor's Subdivision Number 176: <br />THIRD. All of that strip of land heretofore deeded to the <br />Village of Edina for street purposes, bounded by a line <br />beginning at a point on the East line of Section 28, in <br />Township 117 North of Range 21,, which point is 595.3 -feet <br />South from the Southerly right of way line of Minneapolis, <br />Tyndale and Minnetonka Railway Company; thence Westerly <br />on a curve to the left with a radius of 291.1 feet a dis- <br />tance of 104.8 feet; thence on a curve to the right with <br />a radius of527.8 feet a distance of 152.9 feet; thence <br />South 85 degrees 58 minutes West a distance of 72 feet; <br />to a point 323.6 feet West of the East line of said section; <br />thence North 85 degrees 58 minutes East 69.2 feet; thence <br />on a curve to the left withr a - radius of 487.8 feet a dis- <br />tance of 140.9 feet; thence on a, curve to the right with a <br />radium of 331.1 feet a distance of 119.2 feet to the Fast <br />line ,of said section.; thence South .along the east line of <br />said Section 40 feet to- the point of beginnings be and the <br />same are hereby vacated -. " Y Trustee Reimann moved the <br />adoption of the resolution, Seconded by Willson and carried <br />unanimously, there being five votes in favor of adopting <br />the resolution and none opposed, and so ordered. <br />At this paint Mr E. T. Abbott, offered a corrected deed, signed, <br />by John Moore, under date of January 7th. ´┐Żnich on motion by <br />