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$5 1 Hinutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Vialage of Ydina, held in Grange Hall on Bebruary 23, 1931, at <br />8 2a. <br />The meeting vas called to order by President NcGuire, the roll <br />17as called and all members of the Council &ere found to be pres en t . <br />Recorder read a letter dated February 16, 1931, from Er HadLwj <br />ASst City At.E;ornqy for City pf Minpeapolis, stating that it muld be necessary in order to obtain fire department serdce <br />ir? the future from the Ciw of Ninneapolis, for the Village of Edfna to fflg with the City of Einneapolis a bond to cover charges for such service in amount of $1,000.00. Xoore matter ke refered to Trustee Reimann to take up with Village Attornq, seconded Prescott and carried, <br />It was moved <br />I$ vas moved Reimann that an advance be made to the Road crew and Harshalls in amounts less than was due, seconded F&llaon and carriedo <br />Trustee Reimam offered 'Vlorkrnans' Compensation and Jhplolyer's LBabflity Policy No. \TOGS 1272063, issued & Continental Cas- ualty Company to Village of Edina, 'to cover period February <br />11, 1931 to February 11, 1932, mitten by Twin City Insurance Agency and carrying a premium of $391.5?, and moved its accept- aace , seconded 'flillson and carried* <br />A petition vas read signed by residents of France Avenue, asking <br />that a 200 cp street light be installed at France Avenue and <br />56th Street, rfaich on motion .Willson be granted and that ,Rec- order be empoirered to *sign order to El3nneapoli.s G .E. Campany <br />Application in fonn for building permit for dwelling %y Howard <br />X Green, \Varden Acres vas on motion Villson be granted, seconded Reimann and carried, <br />Elinuters of the regular meeting of the Council held on Pebruaw <br />9, 1931, vere kead and on motion Prescott, be approved as read, seconded 17illeon and carriedo <br />for same, seconded Prescott and carried. ,- <br />Recorder presented before the Council the recorder cogy of resolution umnirnouslt adopted on August 8, 1930 granting per- mission to City of Uinneagolis to lay, operate etc., a 48" mater mil in and along France Avenue from North village limits to the South side line os" Yest 50th Street, also properly executed sewer contract appKying to 246 acre8 of land in Edina, more or less, beheen be City of Nfnneapolis and Village of Xdina, dated December 18, 1930, both of which were placed in Village vaultg <br />e <br />No further business to cone Before the Council motion to adjourn carried at 10.15 PI&. <br />Village Recorder <br />1 <br />Receipts by Recorder since last meeting and turned over to Village Treasurer vere <br />a!3 follorrs <br />Reward E. Green, Building pe-wit, ?Farden Acres , $2.00