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I&inutes sf the regular raeeting of the Council of the Village of &dim, held on Narch 23, 1931, in Grange Hall at <br />8 .P Ne <br />88 \. <br />53.10 meeting was called to order by President NcGuire, the roll was <br />celled and all members of the Council were present. <br />A petition wa&i presented by Herman Hejxrmison, with nine signers <br />asking Ynal 7th Avenue, belween 4th and 5th Streets , be graded and graveled, which on motion PrescoJct, be refered to Road & Bridge <br />Committee, seconded Reirnann and carried, <br />Nr S. Wo Babson, appeared before the Council in the Matter of the <br />proposed plat to be known as Born237 View Acrers, and stated he would be wfll%ng to m&e the changes suggested by Alexander 8c Bradley, Village Engineers, and also to give an additional 37 feet along the East side of Tillson Road for rod purposes so that a 100 ft. <br />roadivqy may be possible, It was also agreed, bettvesn ET Babson and the Council, that 36r Babson would furnish levels throughout <br />his development so that the matter of the grading of $.%reeta might <br />be fairly determinede <br />., <br />._ <br />IJr Mooye and Nr NcNally of +he Hspkins Pire Depto, appeared before the Council with a .proposition ts furnish fire service to that <br />part of Sdina, tributary lo 'Hopkins, .After discussion and the <br />study of map shot.sing the affected territory, it was moved Noore, <br />that ldlr Moore prepair a daflnpte survey for as rmch of Edina a8 it would be possible to pro%ect, togather wfth any reduction in rates of fire insurance, and that the whole proposition be resubmitted at . the next meeting of the Council on April 13th, seconded by F~escott and carriedp <br />lili.r Bjork, was present and asked that the West end of Griffi'tlz Avenue <br />* be graded vsl?ich was refered to Road and Bridge Chrmi2;teee <br />Ttk C. No Peterson, Route #3 Wayasta, and Ur 3. Boberg, 3139 Colfax Avenue Sov.tla, Xinneapolfs , presented their request for permiacjion to operate a small ice cream freezing establishment on Prance Avee <br />near West 50th Streeto After discussion and the fact but 3 horse <br />power would be used, they were advised Council had no okj ectioa to <br />their speratkon so long as the premises was kept clean and that the sidewalk would not be used for storage of freezer tubso <br />1. <br />J4r George W. Strong, Chairman of the Zoning Cornissfon 2nd 1.b Geo. <br />H. Hekrold, Zoning Advisor, apgeared before the Council dn b&haEf <br />aP the Zoning Go&&~aiog~~-for TIE?. purpose of presenting the pro- posed Zoning Ordinance for the Village of Edina, In a letter Xr Strong slated the %mirig Comisefsn, composed os' the fOXlolXLi?g members: L.H.Elefcher, J.T.Jones, Wed KO tKi+lbson, Ges A0 Xingsle~, E;.T~Rasrntxssen, Chas To Hay, H.D*Brugger, WLChance, &ex Bosrre, A.F.Carls-broin, \T.H.MacNeil, J.T.Delaney, GesS E. Vessey, J.A.Jarv$s, <br />and George We Strong, Chairman, w%th D.F.NcGuEre, .and Ben €3. Moore, &-officio members, and Nr George H. HerrsLd, Zorains Advisor, beg <br />to present a proposed Zoning Ordinance, complete in fom, for the <br />Village of Edinao It was further stated that the ordinance wag the result of bver a year of labor on the part of the Conirflis8ion and vas presented pursuant to a sesolut2.ern passed at the last meeting <br />of the Commission ty the tnnanirious vote of the members present, commending it to Qouncfl' B favorable consideration, At this point <br />it ~EI moved by Recorder Noore, that the proposed Zoning Ordiiiance <br />be accepted by the Council on behalf of the Vi1lag;e and that the <br />Councff a&presa an unaninaous vote of thanks to all members of the Zoning Comir~slSsn and to Mr George He Herrold, for ita work in <br />gtudying the various zoning prob%sms and conditions of the villagrs, of hearing all residents of the village w??o wished to voice their <br />views on zoning and. f~r the complete form in which. the proposed <br />ordlaance was Frensented, motion socondea by Trustee Frescott and unanimously carried, <br />6% was moved Prescott, that public notice be given that the propoged <br />Zoning Ordinance had been submitted ta Council %y Zoning Csmmisni~ra <br />and that same will come up for further consideration or adoption <br />at next meeting of Council. on April 13,/seconded by Reiaann, Carriedo