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T.%,iiutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Council uf the Village of E’dins, held on EZay 1$, 1931, in Grange Hall st 8 PL <br />The Ytleeting t~as called ‘to order try President EcGuire and the roll on being called found all members of the Council present, <br />Kiss Euston appeared. before tke Council vfith a complaint %hat the cattle and horses belonging to one 23 Gibbish, vere running at. large <br />and espeef&3.l.y over her lwm and daing damage to the grass and shrub- <br />zys t;.i?iGh nilatter vas refered Lo the PoLicr: Committee, <br />3.3 S,T7.Bbson.nas prescn% and tendered CbuncSJ 3 revlSssd plat of . Boney View Acres, containing certain chenges vith respect to streek <br />as recommded by Alexander & Bradley, Village Ihgineers, togather <br />vith a, topogsspkzical xap showing presant and proposud &racks for all streets in said. development. After exa;nlinz-tion and 6iscussion the Council ar,d %he fact but slight grading would ’be required far streets, <br />Tcustee Feinrann offered the follo~ing resoluthn, . <br />- - <br />I <br />17HWEAS * a satisfactory plat hming been tentatively Siled <br />%y S,T7.&bssn sith the Council of the Village of Edina, she++ <br />ing lacatlon of all streels and lots or plots in the proposed Eaney View acre^ development , togather t7ith a’ topographical‘ <br />ma9 of all streets irr said development, and that upon d-ue examination ’cy said Village Council% and the favorable recom- rnemj-ation by V531age Engineers I s&%d plat appears reasonable and righto <br />THERIZYXUZ LIE; IT RZSOLVJD, by the Council of the Villege of Edina <br />tl?a% plat of Eoner View Acres 2,s sutmitted ‘by SoV.%%ssn, be <br />approved subject to verification ky Village Attorney* <br />Trustee Eeimsnn moved the adoption of the Resolution, seconded <br />by Srescott, carried and BO ordereda <br />-.-.? Bids were opened for one Police car as authorized at rezular meet- <br />ing held on April 27, 19Z3.* as \du@ abvert$sr;d in official paper <br />and found to be suhitted from the fims of Dahlberg Bros, Hopkins Xfnnesota, Bert Eabsrlrn , I%nneapo3.irJ., Ey”innesota, and Edina Garaget <br />Edinn, L7innesotae After consideration and discussion ‘ay the bouncil and representives OS all the above concern8 it vas ncr~red Feimmn, that as but one Bid was accompanied by a certified check, %hat all bids be rejected and $ha5 new ’bitis ’b&,zdvertised for to be opened a% next regular nieeting of the Council to be held on E:ay <br />25, 1931, motion vas seconded by PlrescotZ; and carrieds <br />Applfc~~ti~n in fom by Ewd I?. Tucker, for buildiq pcrrnlt for a one room add.ition to present build.lrg at 4623 Browndale Avenue, <br />ms on mtion Xeinann, be granted, seconded. TTi31son and carriedo <br />Application in form by L.FoS!.reeney, for building permit to erect <br />a private @%rage on property I block &st 17 55th Street 8: Park P%, <br />on motion t?ilZson ’be granted\ seconded Reimann and carried, <br />Application by liinneapolis Suburbw Gas ‘Company <br />to lay EL 2” gas mail in and along Se%h Aveiiue, a distance of 366 fte <br />betveeicr Grove Place and Little Str:eeB, vas on motion Presco%L <br />be granted, seconcled by f7illssn and carried. <br />A comnuunieatim fron %T.I Hosp, Trustee of Village of Hopkins, dated LZay 4, 1931, 2nd in rep3y to letter from Recorder Koore dated. <br />Earch SO, 1931, vms read. in which co-operation of Village of Eopkins <br /> as offered in Police matter$ and refered to PoMce Couu,~r.iLlee to arrarge and refer back to Council. <br />for permission <br />> <br />A cormuniczlion dated Xay 5, 1831, by Executive Secre.ta.y of I,’fnn- <br />esy~olin Society for he Blind, vas read in behalf of gm,nting one <br />C1ztyton %ley a gemit to sell firetmrks a% 5113 France A=ireriuee <br />rfter discussion it 27as moved Reimann, application be grml;ed, <br />seconded by Villson and carried. <br />ZIT (2 .T.Hay, advised OS the agpxrent un-neceseqy <br />whistles of late installed on street CBTS operated by :9lnneapolis <br />& St Paul SuburZran Pailsoad Company, which ~m.8 a nv.Lsance to res- <br />id-ents s.:i”kriri a mfU of car tracts. Mter discussion it 17a9 moved <br />Eoore. be refered to Pillage Attorney, seconded Prescott and. carried <br />Loud and piercing