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Uinutes of the regular meeting of the Council of-the Village of Edina, held in,Gran@e Hall on Xay 28, 1931 at 8 E&. <br />The me.eting was called to order by President NcGuire and %he roll on being called found alX members of the Council 3reseilt' except True tee Presc o t t <br />'A letter was read from Nr McGill, Vice President of Xinneapolis E: <br />St Paul Suburban Railroad Cornpaw, daked May 19, 1931, with reference <br />to complssints on the loud and ratker indiscriminate tvhistling by ' the <br />xlvise& that the Sta%e Law demands bloving of whistles aL street <br />crossings and that he knew of no solution except to put in overhead bridges at the grade crossingse and others present it was agreed that a petition be gotten up for to be subraitted to Railroad and Warehouse Commission, which would <br />afford relief from this nuisance. <br />Railroad Company at the Yooddale and Brovmdale crossings. Xr 1~1~G13.X <br />After discussion by the Council <br />PersuanL to advertisement in Hennepin County Review on Eay 14 19 31, and Cou.nci1 action on Nay 11, 1931, bids were opened for one police CaJr 'Bids were received from Edina Garage, Dahlberg Bros. and <br />Bert Baston Company, all of whom accompanied their bids with a cer- tified check. After c onsidersble discussion and the tabulation <br />of bids it was thought best to accept the bid of the Edina Garage <br />for one 2 door PXymnou-th automobile, fu-lly equipped and with spare <br />tire and bumpers, on which a price of $665eQ0 was quoted with allow- ance for present 1929 Ford Coach of $315*00, making net balance of <br />$350.000 The Ydina Garage further agreed to install present heater <br />and cow1 lights in the nevi car without any additional cost. It was <br />therefore moved Eeimnn that the bid;of tfie mina Garwde, be accepted <br />8,s set for'c'xz, motion seconded by Yillson and. carried unanimously. <br />_. Arden Avenue and 'West 50th Street, and by Fred Sailson at corner of Halifax Avenue and West 50th Street, viere on motion Reimann, be granted Q:ecokaed3.ZL&on and carrM?L <br />After examination of Time book it was moved Villson, that advances <br />in amounts less that due be made Road crew and Xarshalls, seconded Reirnznn and carried, <br />Surety Compaqy bonds in behalf of WeJ.Oxboro and Ed Port, as special policemen, were 'offered and which on motion Reiinann, be accepted, <br />seconded Xoore and carried. <br />Xr George Vessey appeared before the with reference to the <br />pollution of Nine Mile Creek in Edina, on account of sewerage being <br />emptied into it by the Village of Eopkins. Xr Vessejr presented'a .letter from Druar & T&iLinotTSki, Consulting bhgineers, St Paul, who I advised the disposal. plant at Hopkins W~~S overloaded at the present time . After discussion by the Council it was descied *bo request <br />Dr Campbell, Village Health Officer for further report to Council. <br />The matter of liability on the part of a municipality tlirough the granting a license %o sell. fire works was discussed and. it was de- cided to ask Village Attorney'for written opinion in the case of the Village of &dina* <br />Application for building permit hy IoV.C:ummings, to erect a private dwelling on 2 acre plot at 58$h Street and Drew Avenue, size 22' x <br />32' one story and to cost about $2500. with a set back of 30 feet <br />was oriJ motion '!?illson, be granted, seconded Eeiunann and carried, <br />pplication in fom for building permit Qy A.W.Johnson, 4543 Grand <br />I <br />J" Avenue South, to 'build 10' x 24' tool house , costing $165.00, was on <br />, motion Yillson 'be granted, second-ed Reimann and carriede <br />Application in form for building permit by We Syrup, to build a barn on &st 23+ acres of Lot 2 Section 9, 175 feet back from street and /costing $800.00 vas on motion Villson, be granted, seconded Reixann <br />and' carried,