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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council of. the Vi118g.e of Edina, held on June 22nd, 1935 in Grange Hall at <br />8 P. a* <br />The meeting vas called to order by President icGUire and all menbers of the Council mere present except Trustee Reimann. <br />A petition was presented to the Council by Irk. Charles H. Arnold on behalf of himself, Edeasra. Alurn, Thielen, Johnson, Bellew, McCarthay and Odlin, requesting a .street sign at 44th and Thielen Avenue as well as oiling, grading and completion of side tvalks on west 44th street, It was moved Prescott that petition be received <br />and .referred to the Council as a committee for attention. Seconded by Moore and carried, <br />A Cornmnication was read from N. G. Chapman,deputy county auditor, in reference to vacation of part of old county road 82, running through the Kyte and Vessey property, mhers upon Edoore offered the following resolution, and moved itB adoption, <br />"Be it resolved by the Council of Village of Edina thst petition having been read from George Vessey and others, dated June 1, 1931, for vacation of highway running through <br />a toim and an unplatted portion of Village of Edina, begin- ing at City of Xinneapolis, east * corner of Section 18, tomship 28, north range 24 west, then westerly and southerly <br />throwh Village of Edina and Eden Prairie and known as county road $2, said pet ition praying for vacation of that port ion of said above described highway which runs as follomsr bs- ginning at a point on highway #5 in east & of southeast of section 31, township 217, north range 21 Ypest, then southerly and wester1 <br />#5 in nest 1 of southeast same is hereby duly approvedog <br />through southeast & of said section 31 to highway of said section 31. Be and the <br />Seconded by Prescott and unanimously carried, <br />A Mr . Bergford of the Standard Oil Company; of Indiana appeared bFfore the Council with a proposition to apply out-back asphalt at $.OSz$ . a gallon when applied to graded road. Also a proposition to use a good grade of road oil containing up to 80% asphalt at #.06$ per gallon when applied to graded roads. <br />Mr. Hughes of Collidge Avenue north of west 44th street, appeared before the Council stating side walks in front of his premises was - apparently above grade. Where upon the Council as a whole agreed to investigate before the nmt Council meeting. <br />Application for fire workspermite mere received from Fred SaqpSOn, L. E. Alurn, Ralph Johnson, Howard Neagher, and C . De St Hubert. After discussion on the matter of location and regulation of fire <br />work stands it was moved Noore that the President appgint a committee with full pomer to aat to locate fire work stands on premises and , otherwise handle fire morkrproblems for the coming 4th of July&flf&j, Xoticrn seconded by Prescott and carried. appointed Trustees Willson and Prescott on the f ire mor& committeea <br />A lktter was-read signed by &s. Gregg,Erickson and Hartzel as owners of latalocated on the northwest corner of France Avenue and west 50th street, stating the$ believed the side walks were laid to a grade fqrnished and establ ished by the Village Engineer and <br />Qat the cost .of removing the curb and gutter back approximately <br />3 feet and out of the France Avenue roadway should be borne by the Village. Attorney for his attention, <br />Application in form for building permit by Ernma I?. Forater for building perrpit to rebuild cottage located on the shore of Mirror Lake and Interlachen Road on the westerly & of the 1,26 acres in the northeast corner of the northweat & of the southeast & Of section 30, tomnahip 11'7, range 21, which on motion Prescott be granted, seconded Willson and carried. <br />mere upon the President <br />rMESSfi5 <br />It-vas moved Moore that the matter be referred to Vtllage Motion seconded by Willson an$ carried.