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Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Council . of the Village of Edina held at the home of President XMoGuire on July Znd, 1931 at 8 P. M. <br />The meeting was called to order by President McGuire and all members of the Council were found to be present. <br />kfter reading the fire work ozdinance of the Village of Edina and general discussion with ref erenc'e to pyrotechnicaj. displzy4, Moore offered the f olloving. resolution. <br />. <br />'L. <br />Be it resolved by the Council' b; the Village of Edina <br />thaS:@eqpissio= upon application be granted to Minnesota Fire Vork Company to operate a 4th of July pyrotechnical <br />display,if supervised by a competent person in the Village of Edfna and in accordance with fire work o6dinance Of, <br />said Viliage. <br />Trustee Reimann moved adoption of the resolution, seconded by Prescott <br />and car 1: ied unanimoualy . <br />Motion to adjourn, carried at 9 P, M. <br />Village Recorder