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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council 1.28 <br />of the Village of Bdina., held in Grange Hall <br />at S PM on August 24, 1931. <br />The meetirZ was called to order by Trustee Prescott, in' the absence <br />of the President and the roll pan being called found all other <br />members of the Council. present* <br />The minutes of the regular meeting held on August 10, 1931, were <br />read and on motion Reimann, be approved as read, seconded by Willson <br />and carried. <br />Application • in form by B. Svrord, for building permit to erect private <br />dwelling at 3,922 Wast 49th Street, was on motion Reimann, be granted, <br />seconded Willson and carried. <br />Application-in farm by B. Peterson f6r building permit to erect a <br />6' x 10' x 6' chicken coupe on Lot 12 Block 4 Harriet Manor. #'2, was <br />on motion Willson, be granted vrithout payment of building permit fee <br />being required on account/ of costing; less than $50.00, seconded by <br />Reimann and carried* <br />Application in form, by John Moors, for building permit to erect a <br />18 x 20' private garage on Lot 3 Block 1 Tingdel.e's Brookside, was <br />onmotion Prescott be granted, seconded Reimann and carried. <br />At this point President McGuire Arrived and assumed the chairmanship <br />of the meeting -o <br />Trustee Prescott reported on the F. Brooks family and presented a <br />bill from Archie Kelly for groceries furnished the Brooks family <br />in ernount $13.50, the same representing the last aid it was thought <br />necessary for the vil.l gt to extend, v3hereupon it vrae moved Prescott, <br />it be allovred and ordered paid, seconded by Willson and carriedo <br />Upon examination of the monthly time book, it was moved Reimann, that <br />advances be made the Road Crew and Marshalls as indicated in time <br />"book totaling $353.60, seconded Prescott and carried. <br />Trustee Prescott reported for he Corfiiittee on the proposition of the <br />Village of Hopkins furnishing fire protection to the North- Vlestern <br />part of the Village of Idinm., stating it would be ' possible to gave <br />reasonable protection, for which a charge of X45 *00 would be made <br />per call or per houro Afr;e� discussion by the Council' and others, <br />it was moved Prescott, that the Council of the Village of Edina, for <br />and in bei;al.f of said Village, enter into an agreement with the Vil- <br />lage of Hopkins to furnish fire protection in the area in Edina, as <br />follows - starting at the Poor Farm Road and Minneapolis, St Paul, <br />& Suburban Railroad Co's Right- of- Way,South along Poor Farm Road to <br />Highvray #5, thence 39.ster3y and Northerly along both sides of 1#5 to <br />Blake Road, thence Northerly along both sides of Blake Roaad to North <br />Village limits, thence hest to point of beginning, and to pay for <br />same on basis of $45.00 per call'or per hoiir,ft" the arrangement to <br />continue in effect until notice of, cancellation is given by either <br />party in vmiting 30 days in advance of ary termination and that the <br />Recorder be empowered to' carry out' and make necessarj arrangements <br />to carry out the Council's order, notion seconded by .Willson and <br />carried* <br />hIr J.B.Carte-rel, , appeared before the Council with request for road <br />work to be done `on Nest 63rj' Street, t'Mast of Willson Road, which vras <br />refered to Road & Bridge Committee for fats attention. <br />Mr Pel.key, as owner of lot on South -17est corner of France Avenue & <br />West 49th Street, appeared before the Council for informatiosn as to <br />when test 49th Street would be 6pened up to Arden Avenue, and was <br />advised the proposition laakpd: a dafinate prograan and doubtless <br />premature at this time. <br />