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Yinutes of the regular meeting of the Comcil of the Village of Edina, ,held in Grange Hall on Octoker 26, 1931 at <br />8 EL <br />.L <br />The meeting t'iits cglled to orcter by President EcGuire, the roll vas <br />called and %he following were found present EIcGuire, YKllson and <br />Eoore absent Pre'scott and Reimann. <br />U'inutes of the meetirg *held on Octoober 12thB rrere read and 8n motion T7ilLson be approved as read, seconded IJcGtaire and carried. <br />The matter of rate of pay for so calleit emorgency or made <;OX% labor <br />was discussed a% length by %he CaunciT, 2% being determined that road labor was being paid on bash of 4Efl'per by the State, 6S&l by the City of Xinneapolis, with 45 to Sop pes howl being an averqee 1% <br />was therefore moved I"lill.son %hati the rate.0.S pay for so called. em??- gemy sork be on basis of 35p per hour in lieu of 25g per hour as set <br />at the Octokr 12th- meting, motion aeconded by Xoors and cafriede <br />EE R.V.Taylor, 4816 Casco Avenue, appeared before the Council te advise the public siderralk in front of'his premises wa,s in bad con- dition, which was refered to Roberta, utility man for immedis'i;e repair <br />Eessrs Kilbride and Kelly, AssB City Attorney- and Police Eadio 221%- inecr of the City Of Xinneapolis I ~eapeqtfully avaited on the Coun- <br />cil and presented %i proposed contract beLslreen the Ciky of Efnneapolis <br />and the Villsgs of Edina, with reference to Police Radio Broadcast service vihich mas carefully gone over. moved Eoarc that the Council of the Village of mina, for and. in be- <br />half of the Village of Mina, enter into the proposed contract for <br />police radio broadcast service as submitted by "&e duly authorized agents of the City of Ninneapolis, and that the President of the Sil- <br />' iage Council and the Recorder, be and hereby is authorized t~ sign <br />said contract, for and in beha1f"of the said Village of Edina, motion seconded by Villson and carried. <br />After dfncusaion .It w&a <br />The matter of the petition of the City OS Minneapolis to the Federal <br />Badio Commission to increase the power of fto Police Radio S-L;a,tion <br />from 2416 to 2470 kilocycles, next d€im€! before the Counc%l, Whereupon Eoore offered the following resolution, adoption secoiidod kj Yillson0 <br />X!€I&W, the Village of Edina adjoins %he city of Ninneapolis <br />on the Vest ar?d South and is the largest village in are8 in <br />the State of Ilinjesota. <br />AlD ThEE?&AS, it io necessaxy that police service be rcnctsred the <br />3300 residents of 2dina particularily on account of its cZase proximiw to the largest city in the Northvest and that Sla.t;e <br />Highwqys pass through its confines, <br />AID S%EBZ!AS, it is both neceasauy and ezrpedfenl that the Police <br />Deparknentrs of Lne City of EIirmeapo39s and the YiZlaga of &dinas . <br />and other and adjaccnk municipalities coooporaLe and co-ardinate in matters involving publie safety, crime prevention and criminal apprehension, all of Qhich are greatly aided 'gt PoLice Fadf0 <br />Broadcast Service, .- <br />!M3Z?~ORE BX IT ESOLVBD, "ufiat %he Council sf the Fillage of Zdlna, <br />he~efjy reques.i;s *he Federal Radio Cornissfon to grant the p,e"cftitdn <br />of tlie Citg of Xinnertpo2ls, to increase the poirer of its Police <br />Radjld station to 500 va%ts and change frequency fron 2416 ts 2470 <br />The vote beins upon the adoption of fhe rcsoZutiori $?herein it was found ts Ee three a3res and no nays and so carried aad so orderedo <br />Upan exmination of the time book, 2% vas moved Yillson that advances , <br />be =de the road cren as indicated and for mounts less than act,f;'LxaU,y <br />due seconded Efoore and carried <br />k:flo@wles e J <br />-/