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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Village of <br />- ' Edina held on November 23, 1931 in Grange Hall at 8 P. M. <br />The meeting was called to order by President McGuire and all members of the Council were found present. Minutes of the regular peeting held on November 9, 1931 were read and on motion Reimann <br />be approved as read. Seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Mr, L. H. Fletcher spoke for a gr0u.p of fifteen residents of the Country Club district who were present and presented a plan for Councils consideration of organizing SL. committee or g2oup of <br />c it izens to eo-operate with Village Marshalls for possible crime <br />prevent ion and criminal apprehension. The suggest ion was made <br />that the residents appoint a committee to meet with Council Police Committee to work out a plan to be submitted to tbe Council at a future-meeting. <br />-. Treasurer Duggan explained to the Council he had by oversight <br />deposited in the General Fund of moneys received from County <br />Treasurer a total of $113.60 which should have been deposited in First National Bank Emergency Fund on account of Special Asseesmente from the Baird property as follows: Curb and Gutter principal and interest $22.91; Sahitary Sewer principal and interest $4&-.!7X~i; Storm Sewer principal and interest $45.94. <br />Prescott that warrant and. check be drawn to transfer $113.60 from <br />General Fund to Emergency Fund on account of special assessments on Baird property. Motion seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Estimate for work done by Phelps-Drake Company per contract in lateral sewer districts No. 1 and No. 2 in amount $3,655.00 was submitted the Council, After discussion it was moved Reimann <br />that; warrant and check be drawn in favor of Phelps-Drake Company for $3s655,00 per estimate by Albert Graber, Village Engineer, for work on 88883: costrdct in lateral sewer districts No, 1 and <br />No.2, out of General Fund and to be returned upon sale of sewer varrants, Seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Whereupon it was moved <br />Bill of Ci$y of Minneapolis in amount $17,129 for Fire'DeQartmsnt service8 4521 Casco Avenue on October 28, 1931, was presented the Council. Whereupon it was moved Reimmn that warrant and check <br />be dram in payment thereof. Seconded Prescott and carried. <br />Upon examination of the time book, it vas moved Brescot-t; that advances be made road crew and marshall aa indicated. Seconded Willeon and carried. <br />The folloring were appointed judges and clerks for the annual Village election in December: J. E. Reimann, C, F. Preacott, <br />A. Kennedy, C. T. Hay,and Ben B. Moore. <br />President McGuire upon the suggestion of Recorder Moore advised <br />the special meeting of the Council to audit the books and accounts of Recorder and Treasurer for year 1931, would be 3eld at home of <br />Recorder Moore on November 25, 1931 at 8 I). M. <br />No further business to come before1,Che meeting. <br />and carried at 11:15 P. M. <br />Motion to adjourn <br />Village Recorder 7