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IXnutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the <br />\ Village of 9fina,-held on Dee&~ber 14, 1951, in Grange <br />Hall at 8 PX8 <br />The meeting vas called to order by President EcGv.fre, the roll <br />'was czllcd and those present were BlcGuire , Wilieon Peiqmnvl and <br />.!'lo ore * <br />The Recorder announced the results of the Village X1ec.i;ion held <br />on December 8th. The duJsr elebted cand-ida'ces for the various <br />'offices being as follovq ,. <br />PredideM of Council, ;D.PeIGcGuire, for term of one yeaxe <br />Village Tru-stee: George AID Villssn, for term of three years 'ViZZage Troaswer <br />Village Assessor I Justice of the Peace, ETeember Ed Park Corns, <br />John J+ Duggan, for term of tyo yearsl <br />&ex. Crsighton, for term of two years, V. He Gilkey, for tern of Lvm years <br />Don S, Knapp, for term 0% t+ree years. <br />I <br />The miscellaneous %ills Refmann, be allowed and <br />They are as Tollotvs Electric JJagneto Co <br />A, Pdebber General Tractor PC Zq Co <br />H .AeWogers C ca <br />ITilles-Davis Co Eorey* 3 Shell Station League IiIinn* llunicplts <br />Thos Fyan Lo~m Corporation <br />Hennepin County &ina Hardware <br />Thorpe Bros Thompson Lumber Co Farnlmm Printing eC S,Co Country C Zub G3,rage <br />PhiIlp,ot-%iley CQ Hennepin County Review General Tractor tL- Zq Co <br />General Tractor & B& co Dockens Corn. Store Xdina Grocery ?'Yooddale Grocery Carrgs Peed Stera <br />T.oXlin Band Bdg BZk Co <br />Greg& B Pharmacy <br />Xd7ina Garage , Inc e <br />Karsh 8: TdcLeiinan General Tractor & Co <br />E$, nne ap ox is G e 3, C ornpany <br />Justus Lumber Company Young Fuel Co Dockens Comfl Store Rennepin County Revi-ea General TTac%sr & iQ Co <br />.lie Y,h'arriEt <br />F- Garvey . <br />IT-T Bell. TE?X~~~.OII~ CO <br />C oA.LindQUiBt <br />Ro Helm Johnson <br />City of fIinnsapolis <br />on being found correct, tvere on motion <br />or&tered paid, seconded Willson and carried <br />Peainding tractor magneto $10 e 32 <br />Shop to-01s l0QpOO <br />Trac toy- parts le53 <br />B1u.e prints 2084 <br />Neetion ik Office suppliea 8e45 Kotor oil 2000 1331 edition Hinnessta year book 5,OO <br />30 loads road gravel 7050 <br />Vehr' tractor parts 3'7.03 Poor Pam service 1368 50 <br />Paint eC Eiechanical supplies 22.60 <br />LWl'be% 6e54 Printing Police reports EC tags 60.00 part8 B battexy service 5.15 <br />Vim, tractor h road supplies 23080 <br />Coal for poor 22095 <br />Published notice , 6.60 Hyvin Trt.&ctor oil 45.30' Tractor generator Pc parts 77,45 <br />Rent tract office 8c tel calls StP 5*50 <br />Groceries for poor 15.29 30 78 <br />Groceries for poor I 11053 <br />Lumber for panel sndw fences 3.60 <br />Road gravel delivered 132089 <br />, Groceries for poor <br />Supplies for poor 1.45 <br />Narshallfs tslephone to 12/19/31 Service Pc 'repairs Police car <br />Oc-tobsr and November . 49979 lnsuranc e on trac tors 13*93 <br />DA Lu3ricant 3-8 0 00 <br />Blac ksrni thing 6.25 Woveinbe r Street I'ight i ng 433 e 54 <br />Coal for poor 11685 <br />Coal for poor 9.80 Groceries for poor 5.08 <br />8 *95 <br />Publishing Financia,J. Statemelit 117*63 <br />1000 feet snow fence $6.00 <br />Gas, Oil & alcohol for .i;ra.ctors <br />E Police car 84.46 Stenographic services ,' ,? 4.; 5e 20 Fire ~ept. service (2edif FJ) 17049 <br />k <br />Tp tal 8 1,590*37 <br />Continued page 155. 1