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V <br />ISi$wtes of the regular meeting of the Village Council <br />of the Village of .&Line,, Hennepin County, KinnesoLa, <br />held on Bcemben. 28th, 1931, in Grange Ha11 at 8 lo'clock <br />P. E, <br />All members of the Council were present. <br />This being the place and date set for receiving bids for $Z0,4000 <br />of Saver Vin'rznts on Semr Districts P?oos. One and TTO, the Pec- arder-advised 'that no bids had been received. <br />Eessrs Swwd. and Bjoykman residents of Yest 49th Street, qpeared <br />before the Council nith reference to getting the opening u2 of Test 49th Street settled. It being agree&ble to then that riles% <br />49th Street, be opened up IYesLerly from Prance Avenue to the SO- called Sodergren Road, proposed to extend ITorth froni 72i?at 5@the Street to *Zest 49th Street, ' The Sodergren Roadwar to be located <br />approximatel;y 140 feet &st of the &st line of Country Club Disto After discussion it was moved Yioore, that Alexander & Bradley <br />V'ill.a.,ce Mgineers, be employed to make survey, estimate costs and prepair a blue print showing layout of proposed street, togather <br />mith legd description of each parcel of land required for said . <br />Vest 49th Street and so called Sodergren Road, seconded BeScott and carriedo <br />Uessrs Dale, Lrztihan and Hamilton, appeared before the Council and presented it written application to build and operate a, Ibvie theatre in the vincinibj of Test 50th Street and France Avenue, in tb-e VillwLe of aina. After discussion it vas moved Foam, <br />that application be accepted and refered to Committee of the Cour,cil to be appointed by the President, to investigate an6 %e- <br />port to Council at its next regular meeting, motion seconded by Reimmn and carried. The President thereupon appointed all members of the Council on said Committee. It ms agreed b37 all members of the Committee to hold an open meeting at Grange Hall on Tuesday Janumy 5, 1932, at 8 PIS, Recorder to post notices <br />of staid meeting, . <br />The matter of what might be considered Official Bulletin B3EL;Cds <br />mas discussed by the Council whereupon 1,ioore moved that six &ll- <br />e%Me EoaPae be provided and installed at the follorring locat- <br />ion~ So?? corner France Avenue snd \%st 50th Street, On the front of Grange Hall T.7est 50th Street and Yfooddale Aveme, Ikar the corner of Arden Avenue and Surmyside Road, On the Caliill School, at -the junction of Zden Prairie Road and Villson Ro~d, and..near <br />Blake Station 2nd Street ea2 tracks , all is the Village of aim, motion seconded Prescott and carried, <br />After examination of the time book, it cas moved Prescott that advances %e mzde the Road Crev and Zmshalls as indicated, motion seconded by L'oore and carried. <br />Application in fom for building permit by L.E.Alt.rin, to erect a frame diTeL1ing at 4375 Timilen Avenue ms on motion Prescott, <br />be granted, seconded ??illson and carried. <br />Application by S.T.12cCready and others, previou-sly refered to <br />Village A'c@jrnej by Council at lTovembcr 23rd, 1931, meeting, <br />to change Zoniwng rEgulations applying Lots Nos. One ana %io, Block <br />Three, Grand ?%ew Hieghts <br />Store District, ms on motion Reimann, be acceptsd-,and. next reg- ulai- meeting of the Council on January 11, 1932, ts set for Public <br />hearing and. consideration of applications seconded 'ky €b@scot% <br />and carried. <br />to pe-mil use permitted in Comuni"cy <br />A bill of the Vill&se of Hoplrins for fire d.eparbent ser-iifce <br />rendered in Xirror l.&e District, T~S re-ref'ered to Trustee Prescott for atteentione <br />In the matter of providing a skating rink on the B-:7 corner of Bridge Street and Xioddale Avenue, Recorder Xoore advised that consent of the property owners had been give to Ur Z.H.Fhtcher <br />for such purpose =id that Thopre &os, had agreed to domte the <br />%be mter, diereupon it vas moved Reimmn,propcr%y o1;mers having <br />Con%& on page 155.