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Letter from $1. R. Bass dated January 8, 193% vas read with reference to re-appoint zent as special policeman, ivbereupon <br />it was moved Reimann that B.2. R. Eess be re-Sppointed special policeman for Village of Edina for year 1932 without pay and to serve and act under the Village Council and immediately under Police Comdttee of the Council, seconded Noore and carried. <br />Trustee Reimnn moved.that bond of Village Treasurer be set at <br />$10,000.00 in form of corporate "surety bond, seconded by Moore and carried. <br />It was mowd Reimann that P, A. Redpath be re-appointed- Village <br />Marshall for unsuing yesr at a salary of $135.00 per month and <br />that R. E. Lfieske be re-hired policB' office for ensuing year 8 <br />a salary of $135.00 per month, seconded Prescott and carried. <br />Motion to adjourn the meeting, carried at 12:15 otclock*A. E. 1 <br />.. Village Recorger' I. . - <br />3i:INUTES OF TPE REGULAR IdEETING OF TYE COUNCIL OF THE <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA HELD JANUARY 25, 1932 IN GRANGE SALL AT 8 O'CLOCK P, N. <br />- <br />The roll on being called found those present to be President .. HcGuire, Trustee Billson, and Recrorder. Moore. <br />Albert Graber,as Village Engineer, presented a second est imte on <br />Lateral Sewer Diskricts No. 1 and No. 8 including extras for high ' vater alarm, extra re-inforcing steel €or wet ne11 on accowt'of excess water at lo%er levels, extra cerxent, three phase transformer - and other item. This estimte including all extras and a credit of $225.00 allowed on account of laying cast iron 3ischarge pipe - <br />alongs ide, in place of under pub1 ic sidewalk,, along Bridge Street - from Arden to Bruce, in amount being $5420.00. It being sgreeable , to all parties that the sum of $250.00 be with held paving and other vork could be done in the spring. <br />$250.00 to be upon corripletion of vork and acceptance by the Village Council. payment pending sale of smer warrants, motion seconded by Fillson andLcarried. .- <br />Final payment of the <br />On mot ion Moore the est bte be accepted and held for <br />Albert Graber also present Council xith statement of his account for services as Village Engineer on Lateral Seser Districts Xo. 1 znd No. 2 shov~ins the balance due him of $483.25. <br />Moore statenent, of Albert Graber be accepted and held penfibs sale of aewer warrants, seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Upon examination of the time book it ims moved. Willson that checks <br />be drawn in full for sno7;' shovelins work and usual advances be <br />=de road crew and marshall, motion seconded by Moore and carried. <br />A large delegation of residents, of Edina mere present and appeared before the Council in the matter of issuing a license and the. granting of a permit to build a movie theatre on France Avenue near Pest 50th Stseet. Mra A. A. Phillips presented one petition in protest signed by 165 residents of the Country Club District. Another petition in protest signed by-15 residents &rural Edina and another in protest signed by 19 residents living in the vicinity of Pest 50th Street and Halifax Avenue and stated to the Cauncil. it was his opinion as well as the many who had siped the several <br />I On motion <br />petitions thit a movie theatre vould serve no Zood purpose and