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Ninutes of the regular nnee%irqg of the Council of the VilXme of Win&, held <br />on lieb~uary 8, 1932, in Grange Hall, at 8 me <br />_r <br />Tke meeting wa8 called to order by Trustee Preseott and all mem- <br />bers of' the Council were found to be present except Ptesb NcGufrs. <br />Blfrnutes of the meting held on January 21, 1932 were read and on <br />motion Rehann, be approved 88 read, aecsnded by Willson and <br />c arr i sd. <br />Beinutes of tkie meeting held an January 25, 1938, were read and an <br />m~'tion Reimam, be approved as read, seconded fsy Tillson and <br />At- this point President NcGuire arrived and assumed the chair- <br />manshfp of the meeting. <br />The matter of Council's action Sn re-zoning Lots 3, and 2 in Block 3, Grandview Heights Add& tfon at Januazy 25th. meeting; vias <br />discussed by the CounciZ the questfon arfah,g abf 8 sufficient4 <br />number of Cknancil members were present at said meeting to pro- <br />perly change the Z~ni.~g Ordfance aB stated in said Ordln8meb - <br />whereupon Trustee Willson re-offered the following resolution <br />and moved, ft8 adiption- <br />-. <br />-. CaPriedo <br />4'Be it ordained by the Council of the VAllage of mina, <br />* that the Zoning regulations applying on Lo%a Noo l and Noo 2 <br />" in Block 3, Grandview Heights Addition, be and the GEUM? arey <br />* hereby changed from"0pen Development (I distric ti to ltComm~nil&y <br />'Store" &strict, as defined $e an ordiance duu adopted s3y <br />'%&e Ceunail of the Village of Edina, on N~T 25, 193XSR <br />seconded by Brescott and thoae voting in favor sf %e adoption <br />of' the S~SS~U.~;~OXI were Willson, Rebann, Psescstt, HaGuire and Noore and those opposed. hone ,whereupon said resolution mas de-. cPared duly adopted and so ordered, <br />!thk rnismCLaneons bibla upon being Pound correa&, were on motion <br />Prescett, be allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Willsen and- <br />** carried, TkreY EIXe &8 fQIlotV8 I <br />Urad vers ity o f IVIi me e ata Insulin %ma girl - $5.26 <br />BIinnea+pol$E: G .E.Ccampam Jan. Street L2ghtin.g 437-.50 , <br />Jean VIightnZan St mogsaphic eervice 3.20 <br />Park Transfer Csmpaay Trucxks for snowplotdry lQ5eQ0 <br />. Unf%ed Motor Service Repair Police car * 6.28 <br />Coal for poor 51-• 05 <br />Coal for poor 9 i 80 <br />Blackburn, Xbelcels & Smi.t;b Premium CWP, ins, 369 21 <br />Thorpe. Erss Use of Tract office Jan. B*QO , <br />Milles-Davis Company Office supplies Xo9Q <br />' Phil-pott-Bailey co <br />Yoang Fuel company <br />Pub. Notice 45 Purchase C-iEiller & Son t &>Its & nipple 2.39 Hennepsbn County Revsew <br />Alexander & B~adley &gfbnet?rdP!' Ijer.tPicss v 49th. 10.00 <br />DoCken'S CC~XIZII~ Store Groceries TOT poor 4.94 <br />me Leader Otshoes fer poor 3.01 H.A.Rogers Co. r* <br />mot3 Eyan Road gravel 9.75 <br />Wooddale G~QWW Gaa for snaw plow 4.20 <br />c Christensen ' Lettering "No Dmping%igns 5.25 <br />W- F. Garvey Road to918 30 00 f3chnelles~s Gen Store Grocer%es fer poor 9.62 <br />&ina Hardware Snow shovels & hardware 15.76 <br />Gr egg s Pharmcy Siek supplies 1.70 <br />Blueprints - <br />Security Nat1. Bar& Treaaurerfs bon& premfm 50 e OQ <br />Ilboddsle Grocery Groceries far poor 130 26 <br />Gena TIXW%~~P k Eqe Coo Repair parts tsaetar and <br />snow plow 70 00 <br />3. We Harris- Gas fOT tractQrS-SnOVZ ~EOW 69.66 <br />D*J,&C~US~~ RXfk f~r poor( &.lfy Jan) 4.90 <br />4 <br />Blackburn ,>Tick elak&n%%h Prmim on bond 5.00 Ediria Grocery Groceriss for poor 860 28 <br />Total$ 1385064 <br />I,