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?ijhnutes <br />of the Village of Zlina, held on June 27$ 1932, <br />in C%aiige Hall a% 6 RL, <br />of the regular meeting af %he Council .). <br />, <br />The meeting vas called to order by President XcGuire' and a11 mem%ers <br />of the Council Tiere present!, <br />late5 than umxal on account of Bard of Revieirr meeting continuiqg <br />until' about 9 Rd, the President and Recorder being members of the .I- local' Board of Eevieso <br />Appliksttion for building germjt was received on behalf of Long Hinz to Build a burgalorr on a 50 %to x 150 ft. piece of land lying ~n t'nc <br />South side of Interlabken Road and Yest of the Ilorris Hanesn place, After' CQkiBiderzLl3l.e discussion %y the Council and Long Kingma rep- <br />resentlve, it vas moved &ore, seconded Preocott and carried, that application be refused because of not aufficient set back of buildfm <br />so as to line up ~-td.tIi present building8 a2'ong Interlacken Road and <br />comply with the Zonirg Ordiancea It vas further agreed the Coun- <br />cil would require on the bpplication for building periiiit, the signatwe <br />.of the- o-mer and builder as r~e11. ZZG the party to whom this property <br />is to be presented and that a SUSVC?~OT~S. buil'dfix plan be furnished <br />the Council shoning present and proposed buildings and accornpany any application for buildiw permito c <br />County Hi*@imy Ihgfneer, 17, Zo D~cXett, adpeared before the Council. <br />mi Si revised complete plans and specifications showing the re-location I of Vest Belt Line Highway betrreen Test 54th Street and junction with <br />Highma;y #5, After camful study and discussion %Corder Eoom offered the following resolution and moved its adoption, <br />%KZUAS, the Bard of Comty Comissioners of Hennepin Counw, Ufnn- e~~t;2, has deemed it advisable to change the 'plans of the ? &lt L'ine Highvqr in the Village of'JTdina as approved by the Village Coun- <br />cil April 11, 1932, and accepted by the County Bard of Hemepin County, Ydnne~~ta, under date of April 15, 1932 and <br />?7%EEAS, the said changes are in alignment fr-on engineers station <br />166 52.3 to engineers station 198 62.4 and said changes fa grade8 <br />aye Prom engineers station 198 <br />dated June lst, 1932 and <br />%is ineetiqg being called an houi! <br />- ., <br />I . <br />- <br />62e4 88 shorm on revised plane <br />;~~, "ne changes as proposed do not materially deviate from tbe plans appraved. April llth, 2932, by the Village Council of the Vil- '4 <br />&qp of Mina". <br />iWt4 THEUGORE BB IT RiSOLVED, that said plans as revised June 1st. <br />1932, be and the sane are hereby approved. <br />Tne motion to adopt the foregolm resolution duly seconded by Wustce PrescotZ, and the vots vas on the adoption of the resolution <br />=herein those voting in favor thereof vese Xoorce, PrescoLt and EcGuire. <br />Those opposed Trustee Tillson, Truseee Eeimnn not being present at <br />+he the of votins, whereupon President TlcGuirc deClared the motion to adopt duly carried and so ordered, <br />The time book having been examined, it was moved ?tillson, Vast advances be made 'the road crev as indicated in time book and mat the Jusges <br />and Clerks of June Primary election be paid, seconded by Sreacot.P; <br />and carr'iedo f, <br />-* Letter dated June 17, 1932, read from ?7*D,Ef2iotZ; for permit to con- struct and operate a gas fillfxg station on lots 3 & 16, Block- 5, Tingdate 8 Brooks idc Addition. For the reason such a gemit rrould first require re-zoning, it was moved &ore, the natter be laid on <br />the table, until proper appl'catian tu re-zone was received, seconded <br />by Tillson aad carried, @?pi?k@ 9 d..&t!4 &:+ <br />Application of Paul G. kresh, for position of Villqe ?J&rsha21., re- <br />ceived and which on account of beirg favorably received by the COUIIC~~ vas on motion Prescott, be accepted and placed on Pile as application , <br />nm3er one, seconded Eoore and carried. <br />It vzs moved Tillson, seconded, Prescott and cmried that entrance <br />onto Test 49th Street from IkomndaLo, Tooddale, Milia and Eoorkmd Avenues, be cloaed the afternoon 02 July 4th, 1932# an account of general safety to 'chose participating in July FoPth celebration.