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Uiqutes of the meeting. af the <br />CouneiE of the Village of Ed-, held on July 25, 1932, <br />in Grange Hall at 8 EU, <br />The meeting was called to order lay President IJeGtxire and the roll on being called found thise present UcGuire, Villson and Eoore, <br />absent Trustees Reimam and Prescott, <br />Lairimme, appeared before the Council with a, request for a <br />ditch to drain the low spot in the Camty raah fronting his property south of PlhaLaEse. attention, <br />J!&r Sahr, representing the Harriet State Bank,Iappeared brfore the Council on the matter af posting State of Eicissouri Series E, 4% <br />bands due in September 1944, in lieu of U,S.Gaverme& bonds such as the Council expressed its desire for collateral to secure VilXage funds, After discussion the three members of the Caun- ci8 present mere no& nilling to accept the State of Missarxri bands <br />in place af Gaverment baylrls and advised I!& Sahr, his request <br />would be preseneed to the next Ca.umciP meeting. In the meantime Treasurer Duggan was advised not to place on deposit with the Harriet State Bank, a sum greater than 90% of the $4,500,00 col lateral POW posted, <br />The matter was left with the President for <br />/ <br />Eessrs Rssmussson, Schossaw and 'Tli$kcrmski, appeared before the Council for a reasonable momt of road work Qncludixig a small <br />mount af graveling on Zeneth 58th to 60th Street and on 58th, Street Abbott to Xerxes, These roads being particukarily bad in wet weather whereupon i'c was moved VilEsom and seconded. EooreP <br />that the necessary grading and approximately LOO yards of grape1 be placed upon the streets named as saoa as possible, and carried. <br />It was rnoaed Tlillson after examiaaaticw of the time book, that advances be made the road crew and r.uarshal3ls 8,s indicated by the Recarder, seconded Xoore and carried. <br />Application for bnihding permit by Eaggie Jahscm, mhos haaaae vas being moved on account of the new Vest Bekt Highway,for permission <br />build basement and complete om Hat 7, Block 1, Grand View Heights <br />Addition , was on motion Villsoaa, be granted, seconded by Eoore and carried, <br />I' <br />The matter of curlsfbent of Village expenditures 3553 on acco't;llLt of general tax deliqueney being higher tkrakii normal and for &he <br />balance of the sear, next. came before the Council. The Recorder presented monthly statements to da%e and estimated tax deliquency <br />as of &y 31, 1932, at logb, thereby reducing Village income by <br />approximately .$2,700,00, <br />$820.25 which were over and apart from monies received from gen- eral tax levy. leaving approximately next four rnmths, which if not exceeded, would permit keeping <br />within the reduced incame, The Recorder named 12 items of current expenses with esfbmted amcmmts of each and it was agreed <br />that a very kmd effort would he made to keep expenses down more than usua3. so as to lbe within the reduced income, <br />The matter of cutting off certain street lights for a period of <br />90 days mas discussed by the members olf the Council present. <br />A map shoving all streetlights ia the Village was furnished by the Recorder and a careful study of each light as to location, traffic, <br />nearness to ather lights etc, mas made after which it vas moved . Willson, seconded Eoore, that E4 oraameltals ia. the middle of the blocks north and South of Bridge Street, Adren to Eoorland Avenues and 28 - 200 cp lights located elsewhere as per List nade <br />up from ZlgEnts desigxated onmap, be cutout for a period of 90 <br />days , and carried. <br />Rece&pts by Recorder to date vere <br />Expenses for the same 8 months totaled $209806.60 <br />$1,300.00 per month available during the