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EJZiau’ces of the regular meeting of the Council af the Village of Ed-, held oaslkugust 8, E932, in Grange <br />t EkPL at 8 PIE0 <br />The ateeting was caPled to order by Preside& EcGuire and all mem- hers of the CauaciB were present, <br />Nr Ernest Btackett appeared before the Ooucil with compPete plan3 <br />and specifications cavering a Gas Fihling Statrun Brapasee Lo be erected an Eortkn Vest corner of Franee Avenue and Best 54th Sto <br />after discussicam examination of plam & specifieathm and the fact this ~octa~L~~ is zor;ted ta permit such a station, it KT~S moved <br />Willsoratbat permit be granted to install %bee 1000 gaEl&a tanks <br />and a 1 story 20 x 24 station, tQ cost $b,O00,00, ta be set back <br />30 feet fron bath streets, 1113; accordance with EdimzeapslEs Fire <br />regalatform, seconded Preseott and carrted. <br />Er Ernest Peterson, presented a request far grading and pavelimg Vest 59th Street, from beard to Xerxes, which was refesed to the <br />Road aad Bridge C~mit-bee, <br />I <br />& ILbrtin Petersan, .advised of a Iat spot ht.r Xerxes at 57%h Street <br />whhh was given to the Road crew ts fill in and regair. <br />Er Saw, of the Harriet State Bank, ap2eared om tihe nature of col- lateral to secure QEXage ‘fpxds’. m’d&gosli% with said h9ik and <br />offered $~,~OCE,OQ in State of Eissoiptri bomb dae September P1 1944 <br />the S~B being Series &Is 4p0 which om motion Ttfoare he accepted for and an behalf of the Village of Edim, when deposited with Che <br />First Nathmal Bank, of lilaneap~lis as TrusLee and to secure Vil- lage ftmde cm deposit with Earriet State Bank of lEmeapail2s, seconded Reiaaasl andl tzarried. <br />Nessrs if, H, Petersonp J, B, Stricler and J, Ti0 GiZfillin appeared before the Ccm~ciX and offered ob$ecf;ioa to any curtaf3neat of street <br />lights i~ their aeighbarhoad and were advised the matter would have the at$en%iom of’the Cowmil later in %he meeting. <br />The Road and Village bills upon examhatiom and being fomd correct mere on motion Willson he allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Prescott and carried, They are as follows <br />Health. offices: Trustee Trustee Truskee Treasurer Recorder <br />Pres id emrnt <br />VfiXage Elalcshall Village EarshaPE, <br />Park labor Tractor qpesatcpr <br />Labor. nkth team <br />Utility man CemeaEt worker Stree% Gomissianer <br />RQad la%mr <br />40 000 18 841.00 <br />The micelbneous bills upon exanimtiion and being found correct Wdere om tiion ion Reinrann! be allowed and ordered paid, secmded by Presccstt and carrieda ‘.pkrey are as fsE1ows I <br />Rollin Saw & Bdg Blk Go Pea GravteB <br />George Kanscm Rent far po~r (Weitzel) <br />Edina Grocery Groceries for poor ‘flaoddale Gr octery Groceries for poior <br />E, W, Earrfs Gas & oil far tractors and Panice ear <br />City 0% BinneapsXtie Radio repairs and service to polhe car <br />Xinneapolis Go E1 CO July Street lighting 1 Heanepirt! CapxEEty Rewiew Pubxished no.t;iae aad <br />printing <br />Hennepin Counrty Old Age Pensions Yaung Fuel 60 €€lacksmith coal Camtimed on page #199. <br />$54.00 <br />30 e00 <br />8085 <br />1x064 <br />68052 <br />20 081 <br />433.37