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Xinutes of the regular meeting of the Council <br />of the Village of Zdina, held in Grange Hall on August 22, 1932, at 8 PI& <br />201 <br />In the absence of the President the meetirg vas called to order <br />by the +Record-er , vhereupon Trustee Prescott asswed the office <br />of President Pro-tern as per past practice md agreemento <br />'ffie roll on being called found those present to 'be *3.lloon, Prescott znd Coore, those absent UeGuire and Reimanno <br />Application-i-n form for buildhg permit by Era Ilarie Earper , to bii.fld"a private gmage at 5836 Zeneth Avenue, vas on notiSn T,7iXlson-Eii *granted, seconded by Eoore and'carried una-nhousl~, <br />This loctz'cion 'being Lot 9 Block 3, Harriet Lhnnor Addition, <br />Er &nest*Bucke'ct, appeared before the council vith plms and <br />plat shoving a re-location of gas filling station authorized at a former meeting, After careful ntudy it vas found YIe new arrangement complied vith the Zoning Ordiimcc znd that there <br />vas no objection to the focating of the-building 21 feet back <br />from Xok line on Zsst 54Gi Street, Fnd 30 feet back from lot line on France Avenue. <br />.* - <br />Uessrs Issac and Johii Bjork-togather with Ur Ro B. Hutson, stated <br />to tine Council there ~yas opportunity to sell land and build a private residenc'e if In'cerXc-tcken Road be extended one block to <br />Yne Test and pegt Bfocka 31 and 32. 'fdendelsshom Additiono After discussion of *the matter it bas agreed that the Village <br />would obtain a prslhinary 'survey giving an estimate of -iie costs <br />and grading involved and ."flat Yle other interested parties vouid appear 'at t'ne next meeting of the Council for further re-suhissisn of Tne propositionl <br />Xessrs Xfng:, Dunleavy and Johnson, representing the Xorthrreat Rifle Club, again appeared before the Council ,and presented five certificates from residents in the neightorhood of the proposed <br />rifle range in Block 1 Harriet Park Addition, nherein the hid- <br />eats advised they had no objection to the location and operation of the rifle rangeo <br />advising the Council there would be no lia'u$lity ori the pert of <br />the Village of Edina, rbsul€ing from a license being ganted, <br />Letter from Karl Raymond., of the liIinneapolis Park Eomd, vas read giving the position of the liinneapolis Pax2 Bowd PYL such nztters arzd thst his reconmendation vas favm~blc Po the granting of a licenseo After further discussion Qy the CouiisiZ and <br />those present it ?,ED Lioved &ore that the Northxest Fifle Club %e granted a Licer,se to operate a private rifle range, using 22 <br />Caiibre long range rifles ai% reduced charges and in accord. vi* all rules "for safety and care as laid down tlze R~.les and Reg- <br />ulations of the Xzthnal Rifle Clubs AssociaAion, in Block 1 Rarriet Park Addition in the Village of Zdina, for the period of <br />one (1) year from date at an anma1 license fee of $5.00 and subject to approval of the Village Attorney as to rules and reg- ulations , seconded Tillson and carried unanhouslye <br />After ex2,niinatio~ of the Time book, it rras moved Tillsol. "chat aCivancea be made the Road Crew rznd Karshalls as indicated, sec- <br />onded Q- I.loo-re and. unanhously carried. <br />Bids having been received for the supplying the Villqe wfth one automobile to be used for Police ptwposes, per motion d.uly car- ried at August 8th meeting and $8 advertised in Hennepin County Review of August 11, 1932, t7e3;"e dulsr accepted and biddim4 announced Closed st 8.30 PIL Bids were found to have been received from <br />the Blina Garage, Inc., 37iddirg on one YPhrift model" as aell- rn <br />on a, *!Finer Plymouthtt and fom the Scott IIotor Company, bicidfng on <br />botk L?? 4 cyclinder and an 8 cyclinder Ford, <br />and discussion 2% vas moved 17i11sOn tkat ell b5.d.s be rejected, seconded Eoore and carried unanZmously, It nas tberewfteer <br />ice purposes be re-advertised, said bids to be based on one Coupe <br />type autono5ile r,&th a price range of $750.00, seconded by Tillson ani! carried by an affirmative vote of all rilembers of the Couficil <br />presenL <br />I <br />Letter tms read from Village Attorney Strong <br />After ta3u.ation <br />moved Kooore that the matter of pmchasbg an automobile for pol- 8