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Einutes of the regular meeting of the Council <br />of the VCllag8 of Edina, held on October 24, 1932, in Grange Hall at 8 PED <br />Yhe meeting vas called to order by President EcGuire, the roll <br />Tjas called and allmembers of the Council were present except <br />Trustee HeiTilamo <br />Letter under date of Octorber 20, 1932, from Dr Lovell E. Campbell <br />Village Health Officer, advising he had called on one Ernest <br />Rickaby, a poor and destitube cancer victim ~7bom the Village <br />had paid for the expense of his care for some time, Dr Campbell <br />stated the Sanatorium at 2122 Partland Avenue, mas a very clean institution and that he believed I,W Rickaby was receiving good <br />care <br />I: <br />A letter from frir E,A,Harfard, 5528 Brance Avenue, also read in <br />which he praised both the efforts'as well as the resuEts obtained <br />in connection with the one Umas nuisance and assured both <br />the Police officers as vel1 as members of the Cauncil the <br />neighborhood vas appreciative. <br />, <br />After disdussion on the matter of public service companies <br />operating in the Village of Edina, doing certain work and after <br />vlards taking out permits, it vas moved Prescott, that the Recorder be empowered to notify the several Public Service <br />concerns apergtiEg within the Village thak henceforth germits <br />far doing any construction aork, remmal af poles etc, must be secured before the work is started, motion seconded dillsore and carried, <br />The Recorder presented a bill 'from the City af.slinneapolis, <br />covering a charge in amount 317.14 for ffre department service rendered in connection with an automobile which caugh-6 fire <br />vhen passing through the Village, Inasmuch as there would seem no obligation OM the part of the Vil1ag.e to render fire protection to transients passing through the Villzge it mas moved by Eoore, that the matter be refered to the Village Attormy, seconded at ill so^* and carried. <br />It vas moved Jillson that the application of the LTinnea;polis <br />General Electric Company, to move the ormental street 1igh-b <br />15 feet South, on Casco Avenue, between Bridge and dest 49th StreePl on account of nearby tree breaking glas's, seconded Tbore and carried <br />It as moved Prescott that application af Northvestern Bell. <br />Telephone Company, to remove one pule and one anchor om7?est <br />49th Street and Highw~y #5 as it calaxtiCuted a traffic hazard, <br />seconded Ji11son and carried <br />. 1. <br />1% vas moved ,Jillson after due examination of the Time book, <br />that advances be made the road crev and Earshalls as indicated by the Recorder, seconded Prescatt and carried, <br />It wits moved Eoore that bill on R. Helen JOWQTP, in ammmt <br />33.20 Tor steonrgaphic services, be paid, seconded Prescott and carried, <br />Einutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on October <br />10, 1932, vcre read avld on motion Frescstt, be approved as <br />read, seconded ;:'illsopr and carried, <br />. <br />Eotion to adjourn carried at 11,OO P.X, <br />Village Recorder