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mtes af the regular meeting of the Council. <br />of the, Village of Edina, held on November 28, <br />X932, in Orange HdX at 8 PITe <br />The meeting vas called to order by*President-NcGuire and all members of the Council sere*present, <br />Er E, S. Dale, appeared before the CauncSl with a proposition of taking a vote a% the time of the regular Village Election <br />to be held ora December 6tb., said vote to-be regarded as adais- <br />ory and ~Xthoat any legal effectson the granting of a license to operate a motion pictureLtheatre on Prance Avenue, near Vest <br />50th Street, The Recorder read a letter in the premises from the League of Einnesota Xunicipalities and a general diso <br />cussion vas held after which it vas deemed more advisable to take up the matter by mail whichm Dale gladly consented to do. <br />It vas moved Prescott, that advances be made the Road crem and <br />Earshalls as indicated by the,Recorder in Village Time book, motion seconded by Willson and carried, <br />The resignation of EIlr J. H. Mayhem,. as member of Vie Board of <br />Park Commissioners of the Vialage of Edina, da.ted Xovember 21, <br />1932, vas read in 7.)zich Xr*Eayhev stated he vas leaving the <br />Village to be gane approximately 10 months phi& would be just before his term expiredo After discussion and the fact it v~as too late for a member to be elected at the annual. village election to be held on December 6th. it vas moved Eieimann, <br />that the ma.t;ter be laid on the table until the next regular meetiw of the Council, seconded by Prescott and carried, <br />The matter of the- University Easpital furnishing certain med- <br />ical care and treatment $6 the poor and destitute of Edina, <br />next came before the Council vhereupon it was moved Eloore, <br />that all cases bvolving medical aid through lgoor relief be refered to Village Kealth Officer for his written recommendation and report to the Cauncil, motion seconded by Billson and carried <br />Application of the Xhnea,aolis General Electric Company, for permission Lo lay an underground cable along 'the-inside Park- <br />say on Bromdale Avenue to Edgebrook Place, to serve the new . <br />Carl Hanson house, vas on motion lNillsons be granted, seconded Reimnn and carried, <br />I <br />\ <br />A comunication.dated November 17, 19329 on behalf of ScIaoaP Board District #17, by the Clerk of said District, suggesting that the Village acquire a fifteen foot strip of land along the East side of- Wooddale Avenue betneen West 50th Street and Vest 49tPr, <br />Street, mas read and on rnokion Reimann, be laid on %he table, seconded Prescott and carriedo <br />Xt vas moved by Prescott, that the bill of D, Plolvertcsn far sav- <br />ing cord mood for 3, Vanetta, sick and destitute, in amount $7.75 <br />be allsaed and paid at this meeting, seconded Plillsan and earriedle <br />A letter dated Havenher 23, 1932, from 1I.r J. XI. Ezdsll, in the mattes of putting in a road togather aith the grading, filliw <br />and cleariq, lead;bng,Scruth_fPom Iaterlackep Eoad alang-the Bast <br />%ind-:Sdu%W line of the Interlacken Club property to the Erdabl <br />tr-act, estimated to cast without land acquision the sum of %499,00 <br />was read and it YZS agreed that in this and all shilfar matters <br />that the cos% oZ the improvement wauld have to be assessed against the property benefited, Recorder to so advise IB Erdabl, <br />Asplicatioa in, form for building permit by Sima~s Strand to build <br />a shed to be atlached to East end of feed store to be used as a private garage and located an the-Strand properky at Voaddale <br />Avenue and West 62nd, Street, vas on motion Tillson, be granted, <br />seconded by Pressrott, and carried,