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Einutes of the regular meeting af th <br />the Csuncil of the Village of Edina, <br />held on January 9, 1933, in Grange Hall <br />a% 8 PN. <br />I <br />The meeting was called to order by Presi'dent XcGuire, the roll vas <br />called and all members of the Canmil. were present, <br />The miscellaneous bilIs upon being found correct, were on motT0n ReiZIZitnnh, be allowed and ordered paid, seconded.Prescatt and carried <br />They are as follows <br />CEI Blackburn Election booths & Spl officer $8.00 Eimehaha Grange 1/2 year rent tor January 1, 1933 <br />EL. newberg 1/2 yeas rent tool house premises 39.50 <br />and special nree.t;ings 63.00 <br />General Tractor & Eq. Cs Tractor repairs & labor 8a39 <br />Minnesota Municipalities Dues aect Legislative conference 6 000 <br />Wo ad dale Gr o c ery 25084 <br />Edina Grocery Gracerim for pow 45a00 <br />Waaddale Grate err Gas for tractor 1034 <br />Qsoddalc Grocery Groceries for poop 10.58 <br />E. W. Efarris Gas 8c Oil for trabtors and <br />Police car 56,09 <br />City of Einneapollis Rescue Squad [lks E Horn 4903 Arden142.28 <br />Edina Hardware Hardvare & batteries 1.05 <br />Hennepira County Review Pub notice & printing 17,98 Philpott-Bailey Cs Coal for poor (Stmember <br />Philpott-Bailey Ca Coal for poor (December General Tractor & Eq. Co Pasts for morn pPm <br />Xiller-Davis Co Office supplies <br />3finneay)olis G. E. Co December Street llgh-ting 435,97 <br />Groceries for poor <br />E=?/ Bell Telephone Co Police telephone listing (1933) 3.00 <br />Your@ Fuel Campany Coal for poor 68e36 <br />23,OO <br />460'?5 <br />6,34 <br />7.70 <br />Park Transfer Co Labor & truck for snowplowing 65.23 <br />f <br />Jamey Semple Hill & 60 Snow fence & pos%s 40,31 <br />Don R. Kelley Labor 1,40 <br />Re E. Ohson Gravel and Stxeet sandinre 32.25 - Edina Feed Ca Feed & haulinue: Hennepdn Comty *Isabel. Gardiner <br />Trisher )s Grocery <br />Edina Gracery <br />Justus Lumber Ca <br />iFJ . k' e Garvey Security NatP. Bank EBarch 3c EBcLennarz Dahlberg Bras Xnc, iD <br />Edim Garage, IZZC.~ Blackburn Niekela <br />Joyce Iris Agency <br />He A. PSehsoD <br />& Smith <br />paor sarm ser7icz <br />Care E .Rickaby , (cancer 1 final Trimmings for Red Crass eBsth Groceries for psor <br />Grecerfes foro poor <br />Lumber for smw plow Supplies far tractor <br />Treasures '8 band premium Premium village officers bonds <br />Potlice car service <br />Pa.lice ear service <br />1s 175 <br />Prerrriun Village officers bonds 17050 Premium J Of 9 bond 5,OO Total Niscl. 519405.41 <br />The Road and Village billa upon.being found correct, were on <br />motion WNI~LSQ~~ be allowed and ordered paid, s ocaaded Prescott and carried, They are as foblows <br />Rex Garvey <br />Ronald EcCready <br />Hhrshd McHellis <br />J. %'lePlellfs <br />W. S. Heydt <br />Adolph Lamen <br />Chae Johson <br />Geo Hoakins <br />P?, Le Vestgard <br />0, E. Bestgard <br />L. Stalzmm <br />3. Tracy <br />J. Tracy <br />IC. Sundquist <br />E. Hamsen <br />P. Bailey T. G. CEark <br />Sam NcCready <br />J, E. CQtYeP1 <br />Road labor <br />R I? <br />it It <br />It W <br />n It <br />'a tt <br />w W <br />w *r <br />n It <br />tt IF <br />la f? <br />I? In <br />'R IC <br />Road labar with team <br />Raad labor <br />It R <br />n 11 <br />I? It <br />ID It <br />$4040 <br />8.00 <br />4 080 <br />4.40 <br />9 e6U <br />8 a00 <br />3,20 <br />3.20 <br />3a20 <br />6.40 <br />3.60 <br />3.60 <br />22 040 <br />52.80 <br />16.40 <br />9.20 <br />10e80 <br />koa80 <br />6 e40