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38inutes of the regular meeting of the <br />'Council of the Village of Edin~, held <br />in Grange Hall on Februsry 27, 1933, <br />at 8 PM,, <br />The meeting was called to order 'by Recorder Flloore in the absence <br />of the President of the Caur~cil, the.rol1 was called and those <br />present were Trustees Reimnn and :/illson and Recorder IiIoo~e, .absent Trustee Prescott and President KcGuire, ivhe-reuporr: it 57aS <br />moved Zillson that Trustee Reimann be chosen President Pro-tems <br />seconded by Moore and carriedc <br />Chief Uaore and Mr Xiller of the Hapkins Pire Dept. were present regarding charge :31@9,00 made for fighting the AeTeGilLneEs fire <br />on December 13, 193Ze The matter having bees sefsred to Trustee Prescotl; and his report reade togather with certain in- formation furnish.& by Chief XToolre all af which ind.isat,ed the <br />fire was a very hard, and diffimlt on? to fight, It VGLS thereupan <br />moved by 'ilillsan, that. the bill h-i amount $180,00 Fy the Village <br />of Hop?:irm, for lour (4J hours fire department service at the <br />k.T.CilLneas fire an December 1932, be alloued. and. ardere6 <br />paid, ,seconded by moore and carried by adfirmatlve note of all <br />members of %he Council present, <br />The bill of Dahlberg BI'QSP Inc,, for labor installing certain <br />parts to Pblice car, the parts having been furnished free by the <br />Ford Eotor Company, was duly considered It was mcsved tlillson <br />that the bill of Dahlberg Bros, Inc,, in arnou~t 352001, be allowed <br />and, orfiered p%ids seconded by Moore 2nd cerried by affirmative vote of all members of the Gouqifprexent;. <br />Apvlicatioa in form for Building permit by E, Pesterton, to build <br />a private garage 5431 York Avenue, South, VJaS on motion di ill son <br />be granted., seconded Afome and carried, <br />It was maved illson son that advances be made the Ikrskialls and ViL <br />lage Road crew as indicated in time book by Reccrrcler, seconded <br />by Reimmn, and carried unminoisly, <br />~21-1 by City of UiKneZpOlh in amount $2~0.00 for.alnntia1 charge <br />for the year 1933, for right to discharge sanitary sewer into <br />Ninnespohis se'ci'er system, was on motian MDore be allamed and <br />prdered paid, seconded by Reimann and. carrieds <br />I <br />The nstter of a claim by one Virginia Pard for damages caused by <br />ccaliding ~itlz another auto on 7J'est 50th Street OM or about <br />in r~hicb.1 damages i7as being asked of the Village, was on motion <br />!rillson, be refered 30 Strong, VLllage Attorney, to handle <br />for and in behalf of the best interests of the Village, seconded <br />by Noore, and carried by affirmative vote of all members of the <br />Council presentc <br />4r!i~rutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on February <br />13, 1933$ were read and on motion 'ifillson be approved as read, seconded by Reimam, znd czrried tm~minously, <br />:Eo fv.rther business to come before this meeting, Bation to rzdjaurn czrrieli at ll,2'5 PIEe <br />.Villstge Recorder <br />Receipts by Recorder 3Wrch913, 1933, <br />E, Kesterton, Bdg Pernit, 5411 York, ?LOO <br />He F, PTelson Bdg Permi%, 4612 Arden 1-20 $2*00