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Xinutas of the regular meetins of the Cemcil of <br />the Village of held in Grange Hall at 8 PX <br />on &rch 13, 1933, <br />The meeting vas calxed to order by President EcGaire, the roll was <br />called and all. members of %he Camcil ivere present, <br />Tbe Eiscellaxreous bills upon due examination and being-found correct <br />were on motion T"l~lscprm, be alXoved and ordered paid, secopded by <br />Reimnn and carriedo They are as follovs <br />Pererson Bros <br />U, Of Ellinnesota <br />Trrin City Ins. Coo, <br />Blac~~~ura,mickels&Smith <br />Village S-t; Louis Park <br />Dahlberg Bros, hnc., <br />City of Uinaeapalis <br />Young Fuel Company <br />3. P, Garvey <br />Earrison eC Smith <br />E. A. Xelsoa <br />E. 8. Harris <br />Henaepin County <br />Edim Grocery Dochen's Corn. Store <br />VJooddale Gr oeery Leo A, LlcCkellan <br />Trisler's Grocery hiinmapolis G, E, Co <br />Philp ot t -Ba iley Co <br />Country Club Garage <br />Ed im Hardwar e <br />Burroughs Addirg mch, Coo, <br />City of ZZinneapcrlia <br />Edim Beed Company <br />Park Transfer Company Eennepin. Catmty Reviea <br />C. A. Lindquist <br />Damberg B~OS Iac,, <br />City of Eimeapol5s <br />iEl2age of Hopkins <br />' Rs E. Olson <br />-- <br />Milk for poor $4,67 <br />Insulin for poor 13,OO <br />368,04 Premium on insurance Premium Comp, Imurance 1933 - 30 ,OO Fire Dept Service <br />Police car service 6,lO <br />Fire Deyt. service 40,OO <br />Coal for poor 69,45 <br />Hardwar e supplies T,07 <br />Job printing (Police reports 1 25 75 <br />Gas for tractors &Police car 64,86 <br />Poor Parm service 90,oo <br />Groceries for poor 39,09 <br />Groceries for poor 45,06 <br />Groceries for poor 72e3-8 <br />Groceries for poor 8,15 <br />Groceries for poor 27 30 <br />Bebruary Street Ligktiag 383 * 94 <br />Coal for poor 57e65 <br />Police car serrice 14,40 <br />Sand &Road gravel 24,OO <br />Hardware supplies 3,63 <br />&chine ribbon e75 . <br />Police radio ssrvice 17,50 <br />Yruck & sn~v phbt?iq$ 19e50 <br />Published notice 6060 <br />9020 . I *- <br />Red Cross accoun% (supplies) 1,50 <br />Feed for poor €k hauling 15,a5 <br />Blacksmi thing 9,35 Police car service (overbufing) 5~~01 <br />Fire Dept service (GiPlness) 180 .oo <br />Total Niscellaneous $l,956,60 <br />I <br />Annual sewerage charge 250eOO <br />The Village and Road bills upon due examination and being famd correct were on motion Vlfllso~~, be allowed and ardered paid, sec- <br />orded by Preseatt and carriedo Ther are as fOllOL7S <br />Art Peterson <br />De F, XcGuire <br />2. J. Dtaggan <br />Ben Be Xoore <br />George A. ,I;Tillson <br />. C, E. Brescatt <br />5. E. Reinram <br />Dr Lcrrell E. Campbell <br />R, E. Xieske <br />Jo'krri Eovey <br />Ronald EcCr eady <br />3~h Eoore <br />John BePlsora <br />B. Errest <br />L, Bwey Goerge Ha skima <br />IC, SundquisP, <br />Pred TritteE George hutsch <br />C. Cavell <br />Rex Garvey <br />3m Heydt <br />A. Korbell <br />?e A. Redpath <br />JQh Ligget-te <br />Je Cove11 <br />Labor vith truck (garbe ge 1 <br />PresiderrP, (&rch) <br />Treasurer <br />Recorder Trustee Trwtee <br />Trustee <br />Village Health Officer Village Ekrshall <br />Village Ikrshall <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Raad Labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Raad labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor Raad labor Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />3lOQ,OO <br />35,OO <br />25,OO <br />75,OO <br />25 .OO <br />25.00 <br />25,OO <br />25.00 <br />125,OO <br />125 ,00 <br />1L20 <br />To 60 8,80 8*8Q I <br />6,40 12,oo <br />11e20 <br />16600 <br />8,80 <br />6,40 <br />18,OO <br />8,OO <br />8,OO <br />8,40 <br />6.40 <br />5*6Q <br />Continued QEL page 236,