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Minutea of the regular meetiBg.of the Council of the <br />~ Village of Edina, held on April IO9 19333 in Grange <br />. Hall at 8 €'E, <br />'i'he meeting was called to order by President; XcGuire, the roll pllas <br />celled and those present were EcGuise, 'GVillson and Xoore, those <br />absent Reimamn and Prescott, <br />Nr A, E. Hjrford9 5528 France Avenue, appeared before the Council hi <br />the matter of the Village Trustees acting as Fence Viewera as re- <br />quested by him last Hovernber, The Trustees not having finished <br />71i.E.h the work 1.k Harford mas informed the matter x7as still in the hands of' the Trusteese <br />Bnessrs Oscar Jahnaon and Stanley Lee, appeared before the Council <br />with request for road road to be done in Code's Highview Park and which was refered to the Raad and Bridge Committee, <br />Mr E. R. Jones requested road vrork to be done on Kellogg Avenue <br />between 53rd and 54th Streets, whicki was also refered to the Road <br />and Sridge Camittee, <br />ldr MorrFs kdkins, requested permission to erect a temporary shed on the rem2 of Lot, 8 Block 5b South Harriet Park Addo, to cost about <br />$I=?,OO,,, payment of fee, seconded by Emre and carried unamitloushy, <br />Whereupon it was lntoved Willson same be granted aith out <br />Application in form for building perait by Alfred Christenson, to <br />build a frame private dwelling at 6022 XePxes AveEue Sau'cka, to cost <br />$1,500,00, was on notion Wil2son, be granted, seconded by Eoore and <br />unsmirzoiwly carried, <br />Application in form for building permit by Harringtorz Building Co,, to erect a private summer cabin costing $4,500.00 located DM the E-23 corner of of KW-& TllS R 21 Section 7, OD. County Rocad #39 leading to Highway #5$ was on motion VilUon be granted, seconded <br />by Moore and carried by affirmative vote of all mernbers present, <br />Application .in form for building permit by W.E.Hars~om, owner, to buiBcl a private dwelliBg costing #~4,000,00 <br />Road South of the Scriver and Gillneas property, Effirroz Lake District, <br />Lot 30, T 117, Range 2h OM 2.38 acre tracts rJas on motion "fillson, <br />'be granted, seconded by Elloore and carried unaminously, <br />located on the so called Jones' <br />I <br />It was moved Tii3,lsclin %ha% bill of Roger s, Borey, Canstable fsr fees in caae of Paul Sievert, Juvenile, in amount $1,80 be paid, secanded <br />by BRoore and, umasnirnously carried, <br />"he premises o&upied by De Pahucci at 62nd Street and West Belt Line <br />Highway, were reported to the Cauncil as taking on a place of business . appeaxence fn a residential neighborhood, The matter was left wit& the Village Recorder to take up with the Village Attorney, <br />A comunication from the Clerk of the Harley Eophins School dated April 10, 1933, was read in which the Council QI~S requested to withdrav its Jsint application with &he Village of Hapkikzs for a grade crossing at extension Nonroe Avenue in Hopkims and E'ourtka Averttae in Edim, and <br />requestimg in lieu theresf a Pedestrian crossing, car stop and sheller, <br />The matter KELS Fsfcjred to the Village Recorder . <br />"he, Village Recorder reported on audit covering Carpensation inaurance carried by the Village and ending as of February 10, 1933, The total <br />payroll being the equivelent %o $9$261,75$ the premitm thereon being <br />$348.86 and the credit due the Village being $20e35e <br />gather with letter date April 3, 19331 by Nr George '17, Tanner, of the State Banking Divisfim, <br />and placed in the file, <br />* . <br />0 <br />. Letter by George W. Strong, Village Attorney, dated April 4, 1933, PIQ- <br />regarding the Harriet State Bank, was read <br />The Road and Village bills upon examination and being found correct <br />were on motion Willson, be allowed and ordered paid, secanded by Noore and carried unminou-sly, They are as follows <br />Continued on page 245,