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I 256 <br />George Bape, advLsed he aaa-bed a road pnt iato his prspesp-ky Rw%h <br />of Vest, 49th Street and \Yes% of _France Avenue at generaH Village ex- <br />pense mhereupon it vas mved VilEsoa, the ma%ter be Tefered to the. <br />Road and midge Cornittee, seconded by Eooafet, ad carried, <br />Ur and Mrs Dye, Leon Eamissn, DUX~WO&$IL~~ Aryaaoo Austin, Chase, May, <br />CaxqbelX ';batsou, BkEean and others appeared beforeifkhe Cmno%l i~ <br />sespome to peti-kitsrn and pasted WY!XL~~ of Vacation of S'cree$" apply- ins tb Sunnyside Paad and abciu-k which discussisn was held for a con- siderable period, Ai%& the discussha Trustee Reibxsann coffered the i'olloning resolution and moved ita adoption, <br />X~BT~ELS~ on aecauat af much through and fast traff&,c it dam. geraus hazard exists to ehfkdrea living fn and alar@ said <br />Swa~ys %de Road , and <br />IFL4ereaa petition has $em received fsam all reaidenks lining <br />on Stmayside Raad between Browndale Avensue and Bighway #5 and. that due posted notice has Beenmade <br />Dr Bryaat, of Browndale Apeme, ap-paared befare the CawcB1 in the; <br />matter ~f %he saim%ary sever along Erowndalle Avenue haviug backed up iato his basement and stated his belief %he 8w.w~" vas not praperly comstrueted and that bpraeementa shoald be madee The matter was <br />disposed 02 by Trustee Reimam suggesting %ha% the Cawtry CPub Distrhek *Service Coqamy, owners af the sewer franzeliise, be addressed witla re- <br />ference to general condi-bioms, citing the recent let,ter of the State <br />Canmissioner of Health in the premises and reqtzesthg tha% the system <br />be put in first.class aad aperatkve aonditioea, <br />v <br />Sewera1 peti%iaas -v?ere recteived fron citizens asking that the Village <br />Garbage ses~Ece be es'cablishecl for 'those liv~g on Thteilen Avenue, <br />Brookside Avemue <br />b mho a d * It mas tberenpsn moved by i?rescott, the pe%i$h.xs be re- fered to the Sanikation Committee with psv~er to act, seconded WillSOlr~ <br />ariri carried, <br />and the Wes% 50th Street aad France Avenue neigh- <br />Trus%ee Reimam, reported he had inspected and viewred&he party line? fence erected by A,E.&pPaxd, as requested 02 the Trustees on April. <br />LO9 2935, said report having been g; to the Recorder for present- <br />ation to Xr Harford, as the report of I& Reham. <br />Recarder repor%ed on the hause at 5402 Xerxes Avenue as appearing -Lo <br />be: cmer 50 percent burned dawB aad thak a psrtisa was erected in 'the <br />public s%reeJc, whereupon it was the suggestion of Truskee Prescott <br />the R&cdrddf-.m$ the State Fire Bkrshall to cmdem rand tear <br />d OWt?le