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Nimtes of the regular meeting of the Catmeil of the t Village of Edina, held in Grange Ea11 at 8 PEE on July <br />10s 1933e <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called and <br />all members of the Cauncil were present except Trua.l;ee ReimnPta <br />A Xr Bennett appeared before %he Council1 as the owner of a one acre tract <br />between Halifax Avenue and France Avenue, Sauth of Vest 51ste Street <br />and desired to know if he could divide his Eract having 132 feet front- <br />age on Halifax Avenue into three ~Q'CS of 44 feet each. He was advised <br />this wauld be a uLolation of Village Ordinances and that it would be <br />best to divide into two lots of 66 feet each, <br />Dr Campbell reported on the VoLLverton and Gibbish famihies in need <br />of medical attention and was advised to continue ta handle them as he <br />believed best, <br />T@ JCkic bills upa~ being found correct, were on motion Prescott, be a1lov:ed and ordered paid, seconded by Billson and carried, They are <br />as follaws <br />Pinneapolis G. E, Ca Xay street lighting v $383,50 <br />.93 <br />10 e 52 <br />2. A. Redpath Refunds for cash advanced <br />Dackens Corm, Stare Groceries for poor <br />Brenrs Hardware Village mower parts 7-75 E. V, Harris Gas-Oil traetars &police car 56 92 tilacier Sand-Gravel Go Road gravel 6,80 J,E,Hennessy Co Lumber- Culvert 3437 <br />&A <br />VooddaLe Grocery Graceries folr poor 14 0 90 League aha, Municipalities Xembership dues 30.00 <br />Gregg's Pharmacy Supp Xi es la?4 <br />Edina Hardware Supplies 1.50 <br />Republic Creosotiag Co Road Oiling (Eackey Ave) 55,OO <br />Country Club Garage Police car service 24.64 <br />Lyle Signs, Pnc Road signs [SS Rd, ) 17,25 <br />Chaa DfiXler & Sons Hardware supplies 8,43 <br />Hoyt Landscape Nurseries Parkway trees 21.00 T .G,Hjrrison Refund for hose purchased far <br />11.70 use in Parks Ben S, Aloore Expenses attenting League Einn, <br />Eunicipalities June 21, 22 h 23, 22.85 <br />Edina Grocery Groceries for poor 12.85 <br />Total EiB~ls July $723815 <br />I <br />- - <br />The ViP1~g.e and Raad b&ll~ 'ETeei~g f~u~d COP~~C~, OEL ~~ti~un <br />YrescoLt, ks alloaed and ardered paid, seconded by 4iIlson and carrFicds <br />They arc as foll.ovs- <br />51 ,F,McGuire President July 35eOO J, J, 3Iuzga.m Treasurer 25,OO <br />George A, i'jiLL3~~ Trustee 25 000 c, $0 J?reeca't,t Trustee. 25 000 <br />Dr LSI*~C~. &* Gmpbe43 Village Health Officer 25eOO <br />Bel3 a, I':OQ'9"e Re e~rd er 75,oo <br />J, E, Reim2,nm Tsastee 25,OO <br />Q, s. soy Street Gam 92,oo <br />3, 3, Ecbsrts Ut,iJ.!ity mam 100,00 <br />John Tracy Lzbar with i;ea?B 147020 <br />Road lakr 9060 <br />2. Ddil,.. mren Tractor operata% . 45050 <br />L, 8kobzmaa Boad 3-ab~r 68,80 <br />-D ?'J1?1vcrtoa <br />F, Morrnadka Grass Cutting 25050 John Benscm Read labor 28e80 John JlcKe Elf 8 Road labor 10e80 <br />5. H, Smvefy Park labor 81020 <br />E, MeEelli8 Road labor 10 oAQ <br />0 0 TJ e Spande Grass cutting 39,25 A, Peterson Lsbar with truck (Garbage Collectio$j270,00 <br />Chs ZoIm3(322 Road hbor 15,20 <br />R, Eo Uieske VibXage Earshaf.1 125,OO <br />Y, 8, Redpath Village &%raEmtzll 125 000 <br />Leslie Ericksoa :* Trustee in Bsnkru-pcy [ScZiR~bert,s) 57,oo <br />Total Rd, i3 VilX=tge $ 1,386~25 'I'ataf. "far July $2,109 odO <br />?;"