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Un~tees os' the regular meeking of the Cauncil of the <br />VFllase of Edins, held in Grange Ea19 at 8 PX, on <br />Jul;. 23, 1933, <br />The meeting =as called to order by President EeGtarire, the roll called <br />a;Ld a11 members of the Caurreil ivere present, <br />A petition signed by Eessrs Christianson, Stewer, JnttZng, HsppW <br />and athers requesting road work to be done on Xerxes Avenue arid de& <br />60 th Street was received and read, <br />Rasd and Bridge Cornittee, seconded by Moore and cztFriedo <br />1.9; vim moved 'by 'Uillsan that T'A~o, PaU, be adTranced %100,00 on account <br />for loading and hauling road gravel on TTiE1age StrseQs, motion ?vas <br />The m,tY;er af ~;iving OfSel2s:Redpatkr and NLeake, a *3s& of vacation <br />with pay OM account of the long daily hours.and "chat they vark all but <br />about %no days of eacbmhnth,, Ivas discussed a% le~zgth by the Cotul@%l nhersupon i% vas mo.rred Prescotf; that Officers Redpath and Xieske9 be <br />given one neek of vacation with pay, seconded by Ilfoore and carried, <br />I <br />On moticpmr fieimnn, be ,rerered to <br />SecoIzded by Elloore and <br />The m34,,'cter of providing a substitute Qfficer to take the place of <br />Officers Redpath and IJieske while an vacatioxr was next considered <br />and it gas the opinion of the Police Cornittee, that duBy elected and quailfied donstabl.e Raga S. Borey, could be engaged whereupon it B~S <br />marsd Psescott'and seconded by Emre, that the matter be left with the Palice Cmmittee of %he Cowcil wtth paver to acto moticm carried* <br />1% nas moved 2rescott that advances be made the Road crew and Earshalls <br />as,iudicated by the Recorder in Time Book, secol;fcaed by Reimann and <br />carried. <br />Applieatioa in form for building permit by William Fiedrickaoa, tm <br />build a private dwelling on the South 312.48 of the Ibrtb 937.44 of the 9es3 40 rods or the 3--W 1/4 af Section 30S T 28, Range 24, except <br />road, Bomey View Mekghts, 178s on motiom Villson be granted, seconded <br />by Preseo%% and dulj carried. <br />Applica%lon in form by E. Sword, contractor OM behallf of Er Bennett, ovner, to build a private dwelliw to be 1aca.i;ed GCEB the Xarth 50 feet <br />of lot 57, Auditarts Sub. l'ip2, Ea be set back im lime iliith the other <br />houses Promting zest an Halifax Avenue, was OE mati& WflEsan,.be <br />granted, seconded PrescatL and duly carried, <br />I <br />It was the api~on of the Caumcil after considerable discussion of the subject, tbt the application by P. Hciffemiller, to build a private <br />garage size 30 feet by 50 feet, an the present vacanti 4xac-t of land lyins SQIX.~;~ of West 62nd, Street and East of Vest Belt Line Highvay, <br />camtituted a violation of the Zoning Ordinance, whereupm it vas <br />mopd iriri~llaam, 'chat the said agplicatim for puifdhg pernit, be not <br />granted, seconded Prescott and carriedo <br />The matter of the house largely destroyed by fire at 5402 Xerxes Ave,, uaw being rebuilt by aae Nixon without permito wa3 dbscwssed by the <br />Council and after due deliheratioas it 17a3 moved Reimam, t'nak Officer <br />Plficske be authorized to sign a warrant and arrest armyam faud via&- <br />aS;Sng the Zainfmg air Building Qrdim.nces of the Village of Edirra, at <br />said address, motion aacmded hy Prescott and carriedo <br />Eim%es of the regular meeting of %he Council of the Village of Edim,, <br />held on ZuIy IO1 1933$ were read and on moticm Reharm, he approved <br />as read, seconded Prescott and carried. <br />A commica'ciam dated July 22, P933, by T. Om, on beblf of the <br />Eid-land ;TJatiwial Bank and Trust Ctmpany, offering a3 legal collate*al, im "addition to the $5,000,00 U.S. Treasury Bozidg-heretofore pledged, <br />U. S. Treasury 3-3/8$ Bands irjl momt $4,000.00 of B943-1947, to secure, rmneys of the Village of Edina, on deposit with said Iffidland Rational <br />Bank and Trust Company, whereupan it was mawed Reimam, that the $4,000. of TT. S. Treasury 3-3/8$ Bonds of 1943-1947, deposited with the Federal. <br />Reserve Bank of Ninneapolis, as legal collateral to secure funds of the <br />Village of Edina, on depaait with the said Eidland National Bank and 0 <br />by Noore and carried. <br />r <br />P Txmt GornpaBy, ~f &Timeapolis, be hereby accepted and approved, seeamded <br />Nesting duly adjourned at 10,35 PM '. <br />Village Recarder, \