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I <br />I <br />I <br />u <br />J <br />EipuZCes of the regubar. meeting of the Council of the <br />Village of Edina, hold. in Grznge Hall at 8 PN ora Sep- <br />t.ember XIs 1933, <br />The neeti% 98s called to order by the President %he r~11 called and <br />811 Rien?bess of the Cawcil found present, <br />Ressrs Thatesberg, Hmard and Holter, appeared before the Council <br />vith a reqtreet that additional. road gravel be placed on Russell Avenue in Code's Highview Park, which reqezeat was refered to the Road and <br />Bridge Cornittee. <br />Er <br />Bridge Comnittee, <br />Cornittee of the Country CPub Asan,, presented the psaposition of the imjrovemerat of the Nimehaha, Creek Brill Pond Area lying Earth of Test <br />50th StreeO: 2nd East of Highway #5, Xr Vilkinsm placed before the <br />Council an Engineer's report giviag considerable engineering data <br />relating to area, the work proposed to be done and the metkrad sealhs <br />the 19il.Z pond area togather with mei;hods of water supply, <br />Embers of the CouDcil expressed their approval of the proposition on <br />the basis %hat the benefited pr~perty would be the property asse~~ecl~ <br />that Thorpc Bras would give %he Village a. deec! to the Ellill Pond area <br />vtit.hout cost and that the matter of maintaining water in the Eikl Pond might be considered a village aqset and paid for accordi~gly, After <br />discussion by those present it was moved Xaoreo that the matter be re- <br />fered to Village Attorney for his advise 6s to proceedure, seconded by <br />Prescat,.I; and Carrieds <br />BSin~fces of the regular meeting of the-Council held on August 289-t:lere <br />read and on mcrtign Prescott be approved as read,. seconded by Vilfson <br />and czrried, <br />The'miscellaneous tailla upon being found correct, ivere ora motion of <br />Reimma, be da;~Sy allov~ed and ordered $aid, seconded by Villsovl and <br />caryied, They are as follows <br />H, Person, requested that additional road gravel be placed on <br />,Division Street nest of Brookside Avenue., a.lso refered to the Road and <br />ur C, De kVilkimsoa, of Brawndale Avenue, Chaisnan of The Planning J <br />The S~VWL.,~ <br />Rent for Poor (Mrs Lax) <br />Police Offlcers' eqR$pment <br />Paint & tractor pepairs <br />Police car service <br />Supplies for police <br />Police Off icere Equipment <br />Groceries for poor <br />Gas eC Oil for tractors and <br />Police car, less Federal tax <br />Groceries for poor <br />July Street lighthe; <br />Police OffieesPs bzdges <br />Blacksrrii thing .Galv. nails <br />Police car service <br />Tractor pasts Graceries for poor <br />Eagineer img s emrice@ Road gravel delivered Road culvert (Larsctn) <br />Flashlights for poxice <br />Hardwar e supplies <br />Publfshed notices and printing <br />Road oil, (4800 gals for Vest <br />44th and Brookside) <br />Guard Rail posts . 1 <br />$6 a 25 <br />S,48 <br />8,255 <br />12,85 <br />le80 <br />106 e24 <br />22.15 <br />58,26 <br />25,02 <br />383,72 <br />1'9,50 <br />.12,00 <br />4,05 <br />1,02 <br />19e51 <br />23.24 <br />11,85 <br />27,oo <br />11-93 <br />17e40 <br />6e21 <br />1,60 <br />91.90 <br />240.00 <br />Shoes for poor 5 * 94- <br />Total Pisel September 8 1,065,27 <br />The Road and Village bills up~a being found correct9 were on mokion Preacott, be allowed and ordered paid, aecsnded Willison and carried, <br />They are as fol2oms- <br />I <br />See page #269 for Road &. Village bills,