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Ninutes of the regular meeting of the CQUEC~~ af the <br />Tillage of Edina, held on September 25, 1933, in <br />Grange &ll at 8 PIEe <br />The meeting vas called to order by the President, the roll <br />called and IcGuireB Villsoaz and Noore, were found present, Preacott and Xeimany~, absento <br />1Vlessrs Eermanson and Lindbury, were present and requested <br />'chat road sorb- be done on Xaldney A~enue, between the Blake <br />Road and Pour 3''strrn Road, ohich was serered %Q the Road and Bridge Camitteeo <br />1% D~S I=oved by Villson, -that advances for Village and Road crew as indicated in time book by Recorder, mere correct, <br />that same be a,lloned and paid, seconded by Eoore and carried <br />by affirmative of all members presen%, <br />~t was maved by Wilkson, that check be dram in favor of <br />Henry 3cBillinger fox. $56,10 to pay cost of 561 yards of-rsad <br />gravel 0 log per yard, and used on Village Streets, seconded <br />by Proore and carried by affirmative vote of a11 rknbzrs of <br />the Council, <br />,4pglicrztian in form for buildizg permit, by Eugene Thorns, to build a garage building with garage doorso sot back 70 ft, on Lo% 4 Block 3, Code's Wig%zvie~~ was on aotiolz Yillson, be <br />granted, seconded Tiloore, and carried by abflrmtfve vate of all members of the Colnnci1. <br />-4pplication insform <br />to build a private dnelliyzg on Lot 22, Boock ITomar~dale <br />2n4, Addet set back 35 feet, .was on notirsn 9illsoa be gra~Z%ed, <br />aecoiided. by liifoore, and carried by affirmative vote of all rnenbe-ra of the Council, <br />for )zuiIdLng permit by Theo, Eds*rom, <br />Applicationsin form for building permit by A, R, I20ort.e~ 'to build an 8 ft, addition to present house, Lot 16, Aud's Sub, <br />#1'761 was on motion I'Jilkson be graizted, seconded by Eoore, <br />and carried by affirmative vote of all members of the Cou~cil, <br />The matter of Village expenses and Viilllage Budget for the year <br />19343 aext cam before the Co;tr,Ezcii and received the careful <br />aad deliberate consideratisn, The Recorder havqhg totaled <br />all the coots for Village Gayerment togather nith the cost of <br />each and every item of cost for the last several yearst each <br />item being considered separately, The foflcming items and respective mc.wits of costs, were arrived at and agreed LIPOZL, <br />ked grayel <br />POQT Groceries <br />Coal - poar Pire Dept services <br />Pr=rks <br />Yublis hed not i c es <br />& printing 'I'ractor repairs <br />Gas 2% Oil <br />Rent3 <br />Poor Farm <br />Road labor <br />Insurance <br />Office supplies <br />Snae Plaving <br />Road supplies <br />.$600,00 <br />1500 eo0 <br />500,OO <br />750 .OO <br />800 .OO <br />300 a 00 <br />250,OO <br />750,OO <br />310 .OO <br />365,OO <br />200 B 00 <br />6,000e00 <br />300,OO <br />500,OO <br />50,OO <br />Plumbing Inspectar 25 .OO ELe c% ions 150,QO <br />Poor services s50,oo <br />Police car 750,OO <br />Engineor's services lO0,OQ <br />f3arsWlhs-Police 4;500,00 <br />Garbage Celbec%ion1,800,00 <br />Assess OF 65OeUO <br />Old &e PensioEs 430000 <br />C0uncfZ 2 650 e00 <br />. Village Attcrrney 500 e00 <br />Street Lighting 4,608600 <br />IIiS eelaneous 1OOeOO <br />Page 271,