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J <br />c <br />7. <br />1 <br />r. <br />Hinutea of %he regular meeZling of <br />%hi! Council of the Village of =inas <br />held in Grange Hall at 8 PH, on <br />No vember 27 @ 19839 <br />The meeting was called to order by President BcGuire, the roll called and all members of the Cotmdil'we?e found present; ' ' <br />At the suggestion of the Peeorder the council appointed the following Judges and Clerks df %he village election to be held on December 5: Bst precinct: Viatior Xrgena; Fred Garling and Herbert Brand, Padges; Miss ZL Ellieon, &@so Ne Jarvie, Clerks, <br />with J. Newburn alternateo %JetSt precinct: Chase T. Hsy, Geoe <br />A Willson and &n B. Moore, Judges; Wse 3L B. Sachs, Mrs, Arthur Straite, Clerks, with C, Fe Prescott alternatee <br /> form for building permit to build a private res- <br />icBencs by John Te McGaw at 8903. Bruce Avenue vas on motion - Reimann, be granted, seconded by <br />Application in form for building <br />8 private dwelling at $634 Bruce be granted, seconded by Prescott <br />AmlieEe.tion in form for building <br />t* Prescott and carriede <br />.permit by He Jb Johnson to build <br />Avenue vas on motion Reimann, e <br />and carriede <br />permit by B, A. Getae to build * 7 <br />a&ition 4617 Eooreband Avenue was on motion Reimann, be granted', <br />Application in form for building permit for private dwelling by <br />L, Hknson, 4526 Drexel Avenue ms on notion Reimann, be granted, <br />seconded bjr Xoore and carried. <br />Application in form for building permit 60s private dvelling by <br />Antoh Danoos, 4523 'moddabe Avenue was on motion Reixhann, be <br />granted, seconded by Preaco'tt and c:arrie& <br />It v&a noired by Breseott that advance be made to village road' ' crew-as indicated by Recorder in Time Book, seconded by %illson' <br />and emriede <br />', <br />.a " scc&ded by Noore and caTriede d*Jf< cq-%+;O ;4;:'', , <br />.a <br />' <br />' <br />The regular business of the council having been completed %he <br />balance of the meeting'waa set aside for t;he--annual audit of" <br />the Financial Statement covering period from November 15 1932 <br />to N6vembez. 15, 1933* All books and record8 mere dirspbagred, <br />studfed and nated andl the? stam of $85&1Zj( xms found to be the axnouht collected by the Recorder and turned over to the Village Treasurer in above periodd %e amount received by the Village. Treajurer Prom County Treasurer in the same period was $2?840eOOe <br />Cash'balance as of November 15, 1932, $9 ,860e44e Over account Harriet Stake lhnk $303s13e Total receipte $33 ,859e94a Dbs- burskments for the same period mre $30,5T1e33s leaving cash on ' deposit in $he Udkand National Bank and Trurst Company of $3,288i41 therk being no otntstanding Village Wrrants QF General Village obligations and a11 current bills betng pafd to date. <br />ft vr~s moved Reimann that the books and records of Village Tress; <br />urer- Ihggara and Village Recordler Nloore hasing been duly aadi.&ed, examined and verified and found to be correct for- the period of <br />November 15pt 1932 to and including Navember 1E9 1933, that the s&me:be accepted and certified and published in the Hennepin ' <br />- <br />County Review, official newapapes of %he Village of aim in the <br />Mov&b&r 30 1933 issueo Motion was seconded Trustee Y&llson and carried by affirmative vote of all Recokder Moore. not vo tfng 0 <br />No fwther bnsfnesa to come before to ajljsurn and carried, 311:15 PltlEe <br />members' of the wtancil, except <br />the meeting, motion was made ". <br />Village heordeXJ